National Read a Book Day: 25+ Must Read Picture Books



Today is National Read a Book Day.  It’s time to find a good book and enjoy a moment of quiet magic.  Make it a family venture and take the reading nook outdoors.  Curl up under a nice shade tree and enjoy your favorite read.  Our whole family enjoys reading and after polling my fellow North Phoenix mom’s it is apparent we have a problem, a picture book problem.

I was going to share with you our favorite book picks for moms and kiddos, but most of us could not settle on our top mom reads.  We instead started a very lengthy thread on our absolute favorite picture books. It’s good to be in such great company.  I’ve compiled a great list of must read picture books. From the funny to the heartfelt there is something for everyone.  The list is in no particular order and does contain affiliate links.

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A list of children’s books would not be complete without a few of the many fantastic Shel Silverstein books.  He sure has a way with words and the quirky illustrations add to his playful poetry.

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  • A Giraffe and a Half
  • Don’t Bump the Glump
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends
  • The Giving Tree


I love the trend of fantastic picture books with an educational tone.  There are several humorous and beautifully illustrated books that also have a great history or art lesson embedded.

004 North Phoenix Moms Blog - Picture Books

  • Rosie, Revere, Engineer
  • John, Paul, George & Ben
  • Degas and the Little Dancer


The beloved Dr. Seuss had a gift with words that he shared with the world; I’m sure we all have our favorite.  Here are just a few of our top Dr. Seuss books.

005 North Phoenix Moms Blog - Picture Books

  • The Lorax
  • What I Was Scared of?
  • The Sneetches and Other Stories


I think most parents enjoy a good humorous book too, especially if it’s our child’s favorite.  We are currently reading a Daniel Tiger book no less than 10 times a day.  I don’t think I can sing “grown-ups come back” one more time, but I definitely could enjoy a good punch line a few times.

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  • Interrupting Chicken
  • Don’t Call Me Pig!  A Javelina Story
  • There is a Bird on Your Head
  • Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late!


I have a transportation loving boy.  He loves all things that go, especially reading about planes, trains and automobiles.  These are just a few of our mom picks for things that go.

007 North Phoenix Moms Blog - Picture Books

  • The Sea of Bath
  • Freight Train
  • Round Trip
  • Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site


I am a sucker for a feel good read.  My favorite chapter books are Nicholas Sparks, and it’s no different for picture books.  These are all classic reads with a lot of heart.

008 North Phoenix Moms Blog - Picture Books

  • Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You
  • Love You Forever
  • On the Night You Were Born


Sandra Boynton is a beautiful lyricist.  Her books have a sing song to them, that takes them beyond a simple toddler board book.

26 81-MTyENIYL copy

  • Barnyard Dance
  • Moo, Baa, La La La!
  • Pajama Time!
  • Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!
  • Barnyard Bath!


What are your favorite picture books?  We would love to hear!




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