National Poetry Month: A Poem To My Angel Baby


Poetry huh

Well, I sat down to write about National Poetry Month. They say it is in April. I looked at the calendar and a date stood out immediately. No, it wasn’t a holiday. It was the day I said hi and bye to my angel baby. I debated on writing about this topic. It’s not a topic that I have talked about much. I may have mentioned it a handful of times, briefly, lightheartedly, and a little haphazardly.

April 9, 2017

You were the rain before the rainbow, my high and my low.

You were a moment in time, forever mine.

You gave up your place, just to make space.

Eternally etched in memory, wondering what could be.

You sent me two hearts when mine fell apart.

The hardest part was walking out of the hospital room, down the hall of the maternity floor, getting in the car and driving away without you.

The flood of emotions was instant, without warning, and uncontrollable.

Aurora Lily

If I knew then what I know now,

Greatness within waiting to get out.

Story untold, confusing thoughts

Watching them unfold, moving on by default.

You knew then what I know now.

The beginning not the end; I found happiness somehow.

I say thank you, my baby girl

When one became two.

Two beautiful pearls.

I like to think that you left this world only to return with your sister.

Thank you for reading

I remember learning to write poems in elementary school. I would write poetry throughout my life. Poetry is my heart. My favorite form of art. At one point in time, it was the only way I knew how to express myself.

Do you have a favorite poem? How do you express yourself?


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. As a mom of miscarriages, I relate to this so much. It is so important to know that we are not alone in this – thank you for this beautiful poem.


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