National Girlfriends Day: Celebrate your Friendships


Do you know what I loved about growing up in the ’80s? When my mom would load my sisters and me up in the car and head over to one of her girlfriend’s houses. While us kids played, the mamas would sip coffee, chatting about anything and everything under the sun. Whether it was new perms, what was happening on Oprah, marriage, or what milestone a kid was hitting, I always took comfort in the camaraderie my mama had with her friends.

As I grew through adolescence and even now into adulthood, my desire for authentic and meaningful friendships has always been a sincere goal. Though I was shy when younger, I participated in many clubs and social activities and loved to chat with others. I think the writer in me has always been interested in other people’s stories and history—what makes them tick and pursue all that they do. My favorite part of a friendship is two-fold: when you can have the most heartfelt conversations, baring your souls to one another, and feeling validated and valued. I also love it when you can be comfortable in silence just enjoying the company of someone who accepts you for you.

August 1 is National Girlfriends Day. It is a day to recognize and celebrate the sisterhood we share with those we love. A day to say “thank you” for those middle of the night chats when breastfeeding a newborn and navigating toddler sleep patterns. It is the friend who prays for you to get the job promotion you have been desiring or celebrating one another’s joys in life like new relationships and the elation of planning special events or being that confidant when facing serious health issues. It is the defining moments of laughter and joy, sorrows and setbacks that reveal the true blue friendships worth highlighting.

Has this time of COVID had you feeling more isolated longing for a tribe of your own? Maybe you desire a sister-friend who understands your heart? Or maybe you are fortunate to have quality women in your life helping navigate this season a little easier? Wherever you find yourself on this “girlfriend path,” let’s take into account the blessings this world provides by gifting it with women—indelibly unique in amazing shapes, sizes, shades, abilities, personality, and heart. If you are lonely and struggling, or if you are a woman who desires to help others feel connection, I encourage you to find an online group, join a zoom call, start a book club, join a moms group, invite someone to wine and paint night, or show the neighborly kindness of striking up a conversation, invite someone over for coffee or a playdate, and appreciate the wonderful gift of girlfriends.

A personal shoutout of gratitude to my girlfriends and sisters who truly see me, Wendie—no more, no less, and accept me for me, flaws and all. I sincerely appreciate you! For those friends I have yet to meet, I look forward to building a genuine and authentic friendship when our paths cross! 

We would love to hear how you celebrated National Girlfriends Day! Please use #NationalGirlfriendsDay and #nphxmoms to capture and share some of your special moments with us!


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