My Kids Ate Your Message… Sorry I Didn’t Get Back to You!


My kids ate your message, I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you.
I know, it sounds like a really sad and maybe even false excuse along the lines of the dog ate my homework, but I SWEAR it is true. While they have not literally eaten any of these things, the way a dog would, they have certainly eaten them in the same way a computer ate the first draft of this post and I had to start again (maybe the problem is me and technology and my kids are just picking up on this weakness?! or a sign I need a major screen detox?!) Anyway, the point is it happens SO much more than I would like. All of these situations have really happened to me since becoming a mom… 

My kids ate your text message. This has happened many times if I try to answer a text while nursing- I’ll have my phone unlocked because I’m trying to check something during this time of actually sitting down and then either the flailing baby hands will “accept” a text message and I just will never see the new alert and have no idea it is sitting on my phone, or I’ll be focused on the baby and an older kid will tap enough buttons on my phone or watch that not only that message but the entire text thread is just gone. 

My kids ate your email. Essentially the same situation due to my emails coming to my phone, but thanks to all the virtual living and zoom meetings this year, there have definitely been a few times the baby has hit random keys on the laptop and there are now emails I STILL can’t find from last April.

My kids ate your phone call. This happens the least. Usually because even if they accidentally hit the ignore button they have yet to find a way to erase a call log. Although sometimes they do hide my phone in very random places and I may not find it for a while so I might not have realized you called right away, but at least eventually I’ll realize it has happened… and then wonder if you will believe me when I explain that my kid ate your message. I guess to sum this up…

Sorry I didn’t get back to you, my kids ate the last functioning brain cell I had. I love them so much and I value the people sending me messages as well, so please believe me when I explain that my kids ate your message.


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