My Kids Are More Popular Than Me!



Before kids, I would post pictures on Facebook of myself with friends or family.  I would get “likes” and never kept track of how many.  After having kids, I realized that when posting a pic of my kids, I would be bombarded with notifications of new likes and comments.  I am in no way saying that I need this affirmation at all, but it is nice to get a little love from those who love you!  I still post the occasional selfie, or a pic of my food to be honest, and I will still get “likes”…thanks Mom! But, I know that my most popular posts will be those of my kids.

How does this make me feel?

AMAZING!  My two kids are my biggest accomplishments in life and I am so proud to share that with my friends and family.  I love that people think they are as cute and funny as I do…well not quite as much 😉 I am proud of my marriage and our fun date nights and I love taking pics with my hubby, but I am more than OK with my kids getting the most “likes”!

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for either side of the posting pictures of kids on social media or not debate.  I believe that is a personal choice for each family to make.  I will say that I am careful on my location settings on my photos so that they cannot be tracked.

Do you feel like your kids are more popular than you?


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