My Gosh, I have a Child and I’m Fully Responsible For Her!


On the blog today we have Aubrey of Aubrey Kinch Design! She is one of our favorite designers and lifestyle/fashion bloggers. A must on your list of gals to follow for her freebie designsA+ styles and lovely life outlook.


Today Aubrey shares her experience on the journey through pregnancy and as a new mother. She also talks about how having a daughter effected their blended family dynamic which included her step-son. A first time mom twice over. 🙂 A special thank you to Aubrey for sharing her story with us! See more from her here and here!

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When people say being a mom is the most trying yet rewarding thing of all time, they really mean it. I thought I knew what that meant when I was trying to get pregnant and even during my whole pregnancy as I embrace (yet hated!) all the pregnancy side effects. But really, I wasn’t prepared for what my heart was about to experience.

The birth alone was something so exhausting but magical in every way. Something that I know looking back I would do a thousand times over again for the end result. It’s not easy enduring the long process- 21 hours in my case – but once you see that sweet babe nestled on your chest… my goodness your heart will burst!

Fast forward a couple days when first coming home, you’re basically on cloud nine and happy to be doing this thing on your own now and enjoying all the love you have bursting for your husband. But then that first night happens when you don’t have nurses and doctors coming in to help out and check on your baby and you while you recover and it hits you. My gosh, I have a child and I’m fully responsible for her! Oye – that’s eye opening.

I’m now two months into this new exhausting and exceptionally loving life with my beautiful baby girl and those wee hours of the morning are precious, friends. They are the moments I now look so forward to. Just her and I, snuggled up in her rocker and she’s all smiles laying on my chest. That is so, so rewarding and brings tears to my eyes every.single.time. There’s something so organic in those small moments of being cuddly; My gosh, I have a child and I’m fully responsible for her! She knows I’ll be there to comfort her when she’s a crying mess, she knows I bring smothers and smothers of kisses and ridiculous faces to make her laugh. Isn’t that crazy how that happens? The sweet little bond between Mommy and Little? That is the rewarding area of mommyhood – the times that fully make all the bad and tough trying moments melt away.
I’m still learning the process and taking things one day at a time but we’re getting there. Coming from a unique position being a step-mom to a 9 year old boy but now being a “first time” mom to a newborn…. it’s weird and difficult and challenging but we’re doing it and leaning on the Lord to help us through. Thankfully, we have our little routine every morning- take brother to school, hit Starbucks and head home. Get a bottle and some nakey baby snuggles and get dressed for the day all while listening to Taylor Swift, if we’re being honest! 😉

I guess what I’m trying to say is this journey of motherhood is the greatest gift God blessed me with and I’m taking each day thanking Him for my girl and our moments together making memories. It’s the utmost honor and privilege.

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Rachel has lived in Arizona most of her life and calls it home despite her California roots. She has loved design as far back as she can remember coloring, painting, crafting, and more as a child. Due to her job as a Marketing Coordinator, Rachel learned how to work in many design programs and it quickly took her graphic design skills to another level. Shortly after having her first child she began to blog about motherhood. She started a shop called Just Us Three to provide friends and family with baby accessories, and card designs soon followed. Rachel is blessed to marry her high school sweetheart and be a family of five. She is passionate about God, her family, design, party planning, blogging, social media, local AZ family happenings and more!


  1. I totally remember thinking that same thing about being responsible for her. That is so funny you talked about this. Such a great topic for moms to know they aren’t along in their thoughts.


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