My 5 Favorite Links For Supporting Your Child Through COVID-19


We are in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis. Life disruptions and uncertainty related to the COVID-19 outbreak have us understandably anxious. If you or your children are feeling stressed, these resources will help.

Talking with your child about COVID-19 can be tricky. Education reporter, Cory Turner, asked health experts what kids might want to know about the current health crisis and this colorful, creative illustration is the result! (NPR)

Most schools are moving to online platforms and many parents are panicking. If you have a child who struggles with attention and focus, check out this hour-long webinar. Keeping Kids With ADHD In ‘Study Mode’ While Home From School. ( It is geared toward parents.

Children are dealing with significant changes in their daily lives. Psychotherapist & children’s book author, Ana Gomez created a book to explain the virus and help kids build coping strategies for managing their feelings (Ana Gomez).

Anxiety is a normal response to uncertainty.  A nationally renowned science journalist provides evidence-based tips for bolstering mental resilience (Washington Post) to help you weather the crisis.

Teenagers are at a developmental stage where connecting with each other is a priority for growth and development.  If you are especially concerned about how the isolation, disruption in routine, and elimination of anticipated activities will affect their emotional well-being, this New York Times article may help: 5 Ways To Help Teens Manage Anxiety About Coronavirus.

And if you need additional mental health support, don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist.  Many counseling centers, including those in my practice, are offering online therapy options for new clients struggling through the COVID-19 crisis. Or connect with other moms through online platforms like Facebook. You and your family’s mental wellness is more important than ever.



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