Mommy + Me Mocktails {non-alcoholic drinks for kids on St. Patrick’s Day}



If you’re anything like my family, you love any excuse to party.  This week, St. Patrick’s Day is that excuse.  We’re planning Irish Soda Bread, Corned Beef Hash and of course some Guinness! The kids love the festivities too, but often feel left out unless we make them something special so they can join in on all the fun.  That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite mocktails (although, there are some alcohol pairings if the adults want a more authentic Irish experience!).

For the Natural MamaGreen Mocktail

This mocktail is for the natural mamas.  This juice is full of …

1 bag of spinach

4 leafs of kale {stem-ed}

1 whole apple

3 cucumbers

And a chunk of ginger – be careful, a little bit goes a long way




*For mama an optional shot of vodka makes this drink a well balanced beverage you can drink guilt free – enjoy your mocktail turned cocktail with your daily dose of fruit and vegetables.

                                      Combine everything in a juicer and get to juicing.


After juicing, garnish with a shamrock apple, cookie cutter from here.

KD9A0719The kids love helping with this, but you’ll need to help little hands as those edges can be sharp for small fingers.


Remove the outer apple, peel and add a splash of lemon juice to the surface of the apple to keep it from browning.

For the Decadent MamaKD9A0838

This drink is an elegant blend of…

Fresh squeezed juice from 2 lemons

2 tbs mint simple syrup {see below for instructions}

Ginger ale


Gold sprinkles to rim the glass {from here}

Inspired by mint juleps, mixed with something bubbly for the kids since actual juleps are completely mint, ice and bourbon {garnished with powdered sugar}

*Add sparkling wine {or bourbon} for mom and/or dad


To make simple syrup add 1/2 cup sugar, splash of water, and in this case mint to flavor.  Then simmer until sugar is dissolved and allow to cool.

KD9A0730To rim the glass with gold sugar, slide a lemon around the rim, the juice will act as the glue for the sugar.  Dip the glass into a shallow bowl of sugar and ta-da! Gold Rim.

KD9A0744Start with ice, add mint simple syrup and lemon juice, top with ginger ale and serve.

KD9A0780Additional garnish of mint if desired.


For the Crafty Mama


This drink is a blend of…

Lime popcicles or an alternative of lime sorbet if you can’t find popcicles {if you can find green ones it will save you a step!}

Sparkling apple cider

White chocolate Celtic shamrock garnish {see below for directions}


Pineapple juice

Ginger ale

Green food coloring

This drink inspired by variations of Sorbet punch concoctions, modified for St. Patrick’s Day.

*Add rum for the adults

                                                 For this drink melt some white chocolate in the microwave or double broiler, allow to cool slightly, add to plastic bag, cut small corner off to create a makeshift piping bag. Squeeze onto parchment paper in the shape of a shamrock, try to leave a slit for the glass.  With a toothpick, design small swirls similar to a Celtic knot. Place in freezer and allow to harden.

nphx st patty3Once hardened, combine a splash of pineapple juice, lemonade, and sparkling cider to lime popcicle.


Stir with popcicle. Add a drop of green food coloring if your lime popcicles are white like mine (forget the dye if you found green popsicles).

KD9A0820As you can see there are plenty of delicious drinks for both parents and kids alike. Here you can see them pictured with the alcohols of my choice, but you can have fun with it!


…and really these are great drinks without the alcohol. You might not even need any!


What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day {if you celebrate}? Either way, I hope everyone has a lovely time and is safe.

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Jennifer is a Phoenix native, mother to two wild toddlers and is married to her high school sweetheart. She graduated from The University of Arizona with a B.F.A. in Art education with an emphasis in painting in 2008. She is an Art Teacher, Artist, and Semi-professional Photographer. She loves to talk about all things natural, and is always planning her next family adventure. She started the blog hawks and honey to share about everyday life including her local food club project. In 2014, she started hawks & honey apparel, and loves being a part of the Phoenix creative community. Her favorite color is black. And she will never RSVP ‘with regrets’ to a wedding.


  1. This is awesome, with 4 weeks until my due date a nice mocktail with dinner will be the perfect St. Patrick’s day treat!!


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