Never, in a Million Years, Did I Think I Would be a Minivan Mom


I spent a lot of time thinking about my future when I was growing up. It always included a husband, kids, a house and definitely NOT a minivan.


There was no way someone as cool and stylish as me would ever drive such a thing. I figured anyone who willingly drove a minivan had just given up. Even after having my first child I was convinced that a minivan would never be in the cards for me. Isn’t it funny how quickly things can change?

Baby number two came around and I was quickly thrust into the #twoundertwo club. My super cute Honda Civic (the first car I bought myself) was no longer the dream machine and was now overtaken with car seats, snacks, and extra diapers. Costco trips are literal nightmares and a road trip is more like a test in claustrophobia. 

“I think it’s time to consider getting a minivan.” I couldn’t even believe the words coming out of my mouth. My husband was not impressed. He scoffed at the idea of our kids in a minivan and insisted that an SUV would be our next family car. His reaction was expected, but I was totally ready to change his mind.

I talked about the sliding doors, and how we could avoid door dings while also making it easier to get the kids in car seats. We read pages and pages of reviews and looked at all the mommy blogs we could find. If I was really going to become a minivan mom, I needed to be sure about it. We asked everyone who had a minivan if they would recommend it, and the answer was a resounding ‘yes.’  The more we researched, the more we were getting excited about the idea of a minivan. It felt like something that wouldn’t only be practical, but would make our lives exponentially easier. 

The tide was turning, but the break through happened after a last minute road trip forced us to rent one. It was heaven. We could open doors with the gentle press of a button and everyone had enough foot room. The double stroller fit comfortably in the trunk, even with all our suitcases. I spent the rest of the week swooning over every little detail.

I was sold and totally ready to be a minivan mom. Life truly has a way of getting to you!

Are you a minivan mom?  If so, which one do you drive?  If not, what is your mom car of choice?

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Haley is an Arizona transplant who moved here from San Diego 12 years ago. She married her husband Nick in 2013 and they welcomed their son Emerson in December two years later. After the birth of their son Haley decided to leave her corporate job in order to stay home and spend more time with her family; a family that seems to be growing since a puppy, Nala, joined the crew in October and a baby girl is expected to make her debut in the summer of 2017. If Haley's not watching HGTV or running after an active toddler there is a good chance she's at Spotlight Youth Theater a local non-profit where she teaches dance. She also has a personal blog The Business of Blonde, where she documents her life and covers everything from getting out to debt to organizing her closet.


  1. I am a NEVER getting a minivan Mom. I love my Nissan Armada mama. Giant enough to fit the whole fam, 3 kids, 2 parents and 3 dogs plus run for luggage. We have had many road trips and moves in one. I’m on my 3rd one!

  2. I used to be a never getting a minivan mom but then we also had two children. A single stroller took up my whole trunk and sliding doors just sounded like a wonderful idea. Now with baby 3 on the way, it just sounds like an even better idea!

  3. I was the same way! My husband convinced me of it, especially after we borrowed his Grandma’s minivan for a weekend that family was in town. I LOVED it! So much cheaper than SUVs, better on gas, I love pushing a button and opening the doors, and for weekends away we never complain about not having enough room for our stuff, the dogs, and our son. We got the Chrysler Town and Country for the stow n’ go seating (we lay one seat down and then put the dog bed down for our dogs to ride comfortably :P). LOVE IT!

  4. Brand new HONDA odyssey here! NO matter what SUV you get its NOT big enough! Maybe the suburban. We toured last year every large 3rd row(real 3rd row) SUV. Spent the entire year choosing a new car(had an older Honda van and LOVED IT!!) But thought since my youngest is 3 now we could do SUV. Nope. We tried. No stroller, plus groceries would fit in trunk. You don’t get a trunk in the armada, Tahoe, Durango, highlander….the suburban you do but my stuff fell out when I opened the trunk since the van it goes down(major plus). TOTALLY love SUV’s but not for us a family of 6 plus traveling. We will go SUV some day again they are great too. BUT while the kids are little, and the storage is needed, vans just got it all. Plus my van has more features than most SUV’s. I LOVE it.


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