How to do a Mental Detox for 2017


There are several memes going viral about how awful 2016 has been and how ready everyone is for 2017 to start. I think most people would agree that even if it wasn’t a bad year for them personally, it really seems to be one for the rest of the universe. How can we start the new year with a more positive outlook?  A mental detox, that’s how. 

Health has always fascinated me. If there’s a food documentary on Netflix, you can bet I’ve watched it. After watching Food Inc., we try our best to buy organic and pure groceries. I feel that the more we know about food, the more physically healthy we can be. What about our mental health? What better way to make sure 2017 is better than 2016, than with a mental detox? Think of this as my “Mind Inc.” 

Here are 4 things I’ll be doing for my mental detox in 2017:


1 – No More Mom Guilt

You know what I’m talking about. I say it at least once a day, “I’m such a terrible mom!” I say it over little things, and it’s got to stop!  I have a friend who runs with me quite often and is always so wonderful about reminding me to let go of the mom guilt. She’s 100% correct! The very fact that we worry about being a good mom makes us decent mothers, right? Let’s let go of the guilt and focus on what we do right this year!

2 – Saying Goodbye to Negativity 

I’m a pretty positive person, but I tend to absorb other people’s emotions very tenderly. I, however, don’t have room in my life for negativity. The best way to get rid of this is to surround yourself with positivity. For me, the most positive atmosphere I have is when I’m with my Stroller Strides group or Run Club from Fit4Mom.  Unfortunately, sometimes getting rid of negativity involves setting boundaries with people we love, including family. As hard as it is, it’s the best thing for our mental health. Trust me. 

3 – Embracing Imperfection

“Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that you tried your best!” That’s what I tell my students constantly. This year, when I begin to focus on what went wrong, I will be reminding myself about to focus on what went right and to take pride in my hard work. Nothing is perfect, and I am focused on accepting my imperfections this year.  

4 – Building Self-Confidence

I worry about what other people think of me; it drives me and my husband crazy.  One thing I’m going to do this year to ensure I’m not lacking confidence is to start the morning by writing one thing on the mirror that I like about myself. It will also serve as a great reminder at the end of the day.  Starting and ending the day with some positivity seems like a great idea!

Do you plan to do anything differently in 2017 ?  Comment below and share your thoughts!  I’d love to hear them.   


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