Who we are: Established in 2014, Phoenix Moms is a woman-owned and led small business created by local women to support local women (moms!). We love the opportunity to market local businesses to our readers and are thankful for our sponsors who make Phoenix Moms possible!

Our Reach: 
Average Monthly Site Views 5k – 15k 
Facebook Followers 8,600+
Instagram Followers 11,000+
Twitter Followers 1,600+
Newsletter Subscribers 3700+

Phoenix Moms is a parenting resource specifically designed to connect and engage moms in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We cultivate community daily through robust social engagement and content production such as original articles, newsletters, and more — all to provide practical information and helpful resources to moms in our area.

Our six publishing platforms allow us to reach moms in various ages, stages, and other demographic categories. As digital marketing experts, we serve as advertising advocates for our partners. Not only do we stay up to date on what types of products and services moms want or need, but also how those moms access and research their choices.

Phoenix Moms adheres to six values in all aspects of our business: excellence, inclusivity, inspiration, integrity, passion, and respect. Because of this, our loyal readers, listeners, and followers trust our recommendations. We partner with businesses that celebrate our mission and share a similar goal of supporting moms through their products or services.

Advertising Opportunities 

Interview Video with Syndication                 $1500

This includes one interview video- including video capture/download, logging and sorting, editing, render and export. The video will be syndicated as a blog post and in a e-blast.

Social Media Promotion Package                       $750

This includes one Facebook post, one Instagram post, and one three-tile Instastories campaign that also includes a $50 boost to on Facebook. This guarantees more extensive brand exposure and reaches different types of mothers.

Instagram Giveaway Package                  $250

These run for at least three days and are linked to the sponsors’ Instagram account. These are great ways to gain exposure on Instagram for your business. You can ask for likes, include hashtags, request for followers, etc., as ways to enter. Includes a $30 boost on Instagram. 

There will be a $50 discount if the client can provide an additional version of the giveaway item itself. Giveaway value must be at least $25. This is a great option for very effective, short-term marketing needs and introducing a new product/service to our readers.

Digital Ad Space

Get your business noticed with an eye catching image ad on the Phoenix Moms website. Each image ad is clickable. Link to your latest promotion, sign-up sheet, or event flier to give readers the opportunity to learn more about your business. Not only can your business garner website traffic, but it can also gain brand recognition with our readers. Multiple month package discounts available.

  • Banner Ad {468×60}                   $500/month
  • Badge Ad {300×250}                   $300/month  

Sponsored Article                            $350/each

We offer two types of sponsored article:

  • Review Post – When given the chance to experience your products, services, and events, we can write a comprehensive review for our readers.
  • Expert Post – Another sponsored article option is a piece written by you, which allows you to show your expertise, present yourself/your business as the expert in the field. You can provide your own topics, or we are happy to help with ideas.

When provided by the client, each post features a bio at the end, containing all your contact info and info about your business.

These articles are syndicated on Facebook. A $25 social media boost is included in the cost.

These articles stay permanently on the website for your future marketing use and are easily searchable as well. Additionally, a sponsored article will be automatically included in the weekly email newsletter featuring our weekly line-up of content.

If clients wish to have a solo, dedicated e-blast promoting the sponsored article, the cost is an additional $150.

link to sponsored post example here


Reach our email subscribers with an e-blast

We have two e-blast options available

  • Dedicated E-Blast                                                $500

A dedicated e-blast sent to all email subscribers. The e-blast contains a clickable image, hyperlinks to your brand’s website and/or social channels, along with copy (max of 300 words) crafted to reach our targeted audience. Our team sends this email at optimal times based on market research.

  • E-Blast Sponsor                                                  $250

Placement in the Phoenix Moms weekly newsletter as the lead sponsor, which is the main image sponsor spot in the weekly newsletter located before the featured articles. This also comes with a 50-word write up to introduce or explain the image and two hyperlink options. The image is clickable with your website or a social media link. Our team sends this email at optimal times based on market research. Inquire for current reach, open rates, and click-through averages.


We offer sponsorship opportunities in all of our Guides. This includes Summer Guide, Preschool Guide, Restaurant Guide, and more. Sponsorship includes inclusion in the Guide for one full year.

link to available guides here

Custom Packages

Let us create an advertising package to meet all of your business’s needs! We also can do Facebook Live Videos, Instagram Stories, and have social takeover opportunities available.

*All prices are subject to change.

Did you know?……….

Scottsdale Moms and Phoenix Moms have the same owners! If you would like to find out how you can advertise your business on BOTH of our sites, contact us! We would love to see your business reach all of the readers for both sites.

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