MEandMine Kit Review: Our Skin and the Sun


My little girl graciously received the award-winning play kit from MeandMine and couldn’t wait to open up the box and get started right away! There is nothing like getting special mail. And as a mom, I was thrilled that it was educational.

We received the play kit having to do with the skin, and we learned about the different layers of skin. Fitting for this time of year when we want to be so careful to properly assess risk to sun exposure.

The first thing I noticed was how conveniently packaged all of the pieces were. Since my daughter is on the young side of the recommended ages, this allowed for us to move through each step seamlessly and without a mess.

My second question was “Uh oh, how do I get started?”

But my fear was quickly relieved when I saw the parent’s guidebook. It took us step by step in building the “layers of the skin.” The instructions gave just enough information for the whole task to be a learning experience, but not long enough that it made my daughter’s eyes roll back into her head with boredom (an expression I am all too familiar with).

The task stretched her vocabulary, told her a story of the skin, the relationship of nature with our own bodies and gave her the gift of a mobile that now hangs proudly in our dining room, along with our solar system mobile, that she references often.

“Our heart, brain, bones all grow because of the sun and vitamin D,” she reminds us.

Yes, darling. This is true.

Thank you, MEandMine!

Thank you MeandMine for providing a kit for review.


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