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This post was sponsored by The Yoga Hangout; our writer received classes in exchange for a review. All comments and inclusions are genuine.

The Yoga Hangout

Yoga. I’m already rocking the pants on a regular basis, so might as well actually take a class, right? Okay, I have done yoga in the past but it’s been a while. It can be tricky to fit into a busy, momming/spousing/working schedule, and I may not be the most graceful yogi, but I really love it. I love that the practice forces me to be in the moment and to concentrate on nothing else but my breathing and my body. It’s especially cathartic now that I’m a mom. Taking time for ourselves can seem impossible, but I’ve learned to make it a priority or pay the price as a grump.

So, when I was given the chance to try The Yoga Hangout in North Phoenix, I jumped on it! I was especially excited to learn they have yoga AND barre classes. It can be hard to find a good yoga studio that offers a variety of classes, and this place has so many that I haven’t even had time to try them all yet! So far I’ve done Power Yoga, TRIMBarre, and the Hang/Barre Fusion class. All three were challenging, unique and fun!

I especially liked the Hang/Barre Fusion class; I’ve never done anything like it before. It starts as a barre class, with the last portion being almost an intro to the hang method. You do some basic floor moves (don’t be swayed by the word basic, they are “basic” movements that are made much more difficult by including the strap/wall). Then you move on to actually climbing the wall and hanging from the strap. It’s intimidating and a little tricky at first but once I got it down, it was so cool and surprisingly relaxing. I’m hooked after just one class, and can’t wait to go back and try it again!

Yoga Hangout North Phoenix Moms Blog

The Yoga Hangout offers classes 7 days a week, varying from early morning to evening. They also have special workshops. For instance, in January they are starting a TRIMBarre certification class. Below are the class descriptions and pricing. This info is also on their website, along with the weekly class schedule. Hope to “hang out” with you soon!



A fun, upbeat, total body conditioning class integrating ballet and yoga which will increase balance, strength and flexibility. All levels welcome!

Power Hang

Transform your practice into an unbelievably graceful and strong body. Our studio boasts a 20 station Yoga Wall ™, the only of its kind in Phoenix, that we use for effective spinal and cervical traction using gravity, breath and awareness. Our signature Hang method helps improve alignment and create space between each vertebrae, reversing the effects of degenerative disc disease and nerve impingement. Expect planks, pikes, push-ups, inversions and arm balances. Prior yoga experience recommended.

Gentle Hang

Beginner level hang class.  Stretch and strengthen in a creative class that allows for the spine to experience full traction, flexion and extension, develop core strength and deep stretching. You’ll feel taller and lighter! All levels welcome.

Hang/Barre Fusion

Introducing a revolutionary full body workout…Using the Yoga Wall Suspension System and the barre, you can strategically use leverage and momentum to stretch and strengthen with the most efficient techniques in the world. With hundreds of customizable exercises, it is easy for athletes and beginners alike to maximize ability, reaching new levels of fitness. The best part is that Hang/Barre Fusion Body Conditioning uses Weight Training powerfully to integrate healthy spinal balancing and flying fun! The Yoga Wall Suspension Training builds truly functional strength, improves flexibility, balance, and core stability all at once. In this exclusive class, either your hands or feet are supported off the ground by a single anchor point providing a desired percentage of body weight loaded onto a targeted body zone, making your workout 10 times more efficient. A fun, sweaty, fat-burning, calorie torching, muscle-sculpting class that will transform your entire body. All levels. Please bring your yoga mat ~ prior sign up is encouraged to save your spot ~ class is lead with music.

Power Flow

As its name would suggest, Power Yoga is a strong style that can help tone muscles and build stamina. The rigorous, moving flow in this style will build heat (i.e. sweat) – an excellent aid in increasing flexibility. Some yoga students, such as athletes, are already strong, but have not yet developed the flexibility or balance required for advanced classes. Power Yoga is an accessible way to get an amazing workout and become more limber with a fun, fast paced flow.

Friday Flow

Friday Flow will invigorate the body and create a peaceful center to let go of the work week stress. A well balanced class that aims to open & strengthen the body. A mindful practice that includes pranayama (breath work), deep stretching, flow & meditation. All levels welcome.

Gentle Flow

Great for those who are new or just looking to slow down.  This easy to follow class focuses on the basics and provides plenty of time for modifications. May include breath work and guided meditation.

Stretch & Restore

A passive practice that masterfully delivers serenity, harmony, and flexibility through gentle movement and targeted deep stretching.  The masterful use of the Yoga Wall will work wonders for the overworked, the over-stressed, the athletes, and the super tight.  Yin Yoga at its best.

Goddess Yoga

Goddess Yoga is a sensual fusion of yoga and dynamic movement coupled with upbeat music.  It is designed to help women feel more love and accept for themselves and others. All levels welcome.


Drop in Rate – $16

New Member Special – $49, one month unlimited yoga/barre ($99 after first month)

Class Packs (10/$110, 25/$250, 50/$425)

Monthly Unlimited – just yoga or barre: $79, both: $99


January TRIMbarre Teacher Training

Become a barre teacher! 10 hour training Sat 12 to 5 and Sun 12 to 5 TRIMbarre teacher training includes: – 10 TRIMbarre classes ($110 value) – TRIMbarre manual including a photo library of exercises – Sample classes with music and choreography – Certificate of completion $299 early bird by Jan 1st and YH members $350 after and non-members

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