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If you are like us, you would LOVE to find ways to dramatically lower your electric bill to fund other more exciting areas of your life (like new shoes!) We love bringing our readers new, LOCAL ways to save money. Now, what if I told you that you could keep your home at a very cool 72 degrees during these hot summer months, while still SAVING money on your bill each month?! That would be amazing, right? This is where Advanced Home Systems comes in. We are so thrilled about them signing on as a new sponsor of North Phoenix Moms Blog!

Personal testimonies are a favorite around here. I can hear all about a company ALL.DAY.LONG. but when I talk or hear from someone who has actually used the product and is totally sold, I’m so much more inclined to trust their recommendation! So, without further ado…

Kelly Bayer, a stay-at-home mom living in Phoenix, combated high summer utility bills using many of APS’ suggestions. They kept their home thermostat set at 82°F during the day and 78°F at night, changed all their home’s light bulbs to CFLs, and shuttered all the windows in an effort to keep the cool air inside the house. With these changes, the Bayer’s highest summer electric bill was close to $400, which, according to APS is on the low end of homes of similar size and layout.

However, not satisfied and looking for a way to save more and keep her family cooler, Kelly discovered that a friend of hers was able to keep their home’s thermostat set at 72°F all the time and didn’t fret about high electricity costs. Kelly’s friend told her to call Advanced Home Systems to get an Energy Sentry® demand management system installed. The Bayer’s Energy Sentry was installed in June of 2012, and after the full July billing cycle, Kelly was amazed to see that their APS utility bill had dropped to $273 during the hottest month of the year.

Connected to the Bayer’s main service panel, the Energy Sentry demand management system is programmed to track APS’ on- and off-peak times while monitoring the Bayer’s electric use. Energy Sentry automatically adjusts the way the Bayer’s home uses electricity to maximize its use during APS’ off-peak hours when electricity is cheapest. Now, without even having to think about it, Kelly keeps her home cool no matter what time of day, making it easier for her family to sleep at night and easier for her to enjoy raising her kids in the heat of the Arizona summer.

This year, to help more people save on their energy bills, Advanced Home Systems is offering a $100.00 discount on the installation of an Energy Sentry demand management system to homeowners who mention “North Phoenix Moms” when calling to set up an estimate. Advanced Home Systems is Arizona’s exclusive Energy Sentry dealer and has helped more than 7,000 Valley residents save on their electric bills. To learn more about peak demand management, and to see Kelly Bayer’s complete testimonial, visit the Advanced Home Systems website at www.cheaperutilitybill.com. Call Advanced Home Systems at (602) 402-7656 to set up an appointment and start saving today!!!

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  1. It makes me SERIOUSLY sad to spend money on utilities + gas. Thanks for sharing this option. Was checking them out and this is so true what they say…”Your utility bill is one of the top 5 expenses in your life! You can never own it, you will never pay it off..” We will definitely be looking into this option.


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