Loving the Skin You’re In {Part 3} – Winter Woes



Red Noses, Dry Skin, Chapped Lips Oh my!

Here in Phoenix, we don’t get the blustery winters that many places around our country do, but man does it get dry in the winters, especially for those few short months when you turn the heater on. Our family has really dry skin, and for some reason, this year it has been really bad. Both of my girls have had red, dry patches on their arms, legs, and hands that end up itching and sometimes cracking. And my hands and lips have been crazy dry.

I have always been picky about what I put on my girls skin (from bubble baths, shampoos, lotions, diaper creams). I landed on California Baby products awhile back, and have been pretty happy with them. They are safe and natural, but they are also a pretty penny. This fall, on my search for hydration for our skin, I found out about Peter Rabbit Organics. They are all organic, which I love, and they are cheaper than California Baby, which I also really love!! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites especially for this dry time of year.

peter_rabbit_intense therapy creamIntense Therapy Cream – perfect for this time of year!

peter_rabbit_lip_balmLip Balm Stick – my new favorite lip balm for myself!

I also love that I can give this to my girls and not worry about them licking half of it off. Because, let’s be honest they probably ingest more than they wear.

peter_rabbit_body_and_lip_balm_stickBody and Lip Balm – this is a fun item because it can be used on the lips as lip balm, but also great for applying to dry skin. It’s more fun for the kids to rub a stick on the arms or legs than just using lotion.

pr_wash_scentedWash and Shampoo – I use this as my girls bubble bath and on my 1 year olds hair. My most favorite part is that because this product doesn’t contain chemical fragrances, only organic oils, I can use the scented option on my girls without irritation. If you prefer unscented (like I usually do, it’s also available here.)

As you know, we here at WVMB love great local goodness, and if you order through Healthy Skin AZ you are also supporting a local business!! Her prices are the same or cheaper than other online distributors of this product.

*This is not sponsored by Peter Rabbit or AZ Healthy Skin.

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