Looking Ahead to the Holidays: 12 Date Nights for 2020


The holidays are quickly approaching, and I can’t wait! If you are like me, you may already be thinking of gift ideas and making lists. My husband is a typical guy, and what he wants never really changes – cologne, golf items, shirts, pants, fishing items, etc. I love to do romantic things for my husband, and I wanted to do something different for him last Christmas. We had a goal of being more intentional with date nights, so I came up with this: 12 Date Nights for 2019!

I made him a binder and carefully thought out 12 dates that we would love. I put 13 sheet protectors in the binder. The first sheet protector included a handwritten note with lovey stuff for my hubby to read and understand why I made this for him and express how much I love him. The next 12 sheet protectors included a description of each date and any necessary gift cards or items for the date.

Some of the dates I planned were favorite places of ours, and some were places that we wanted to try but hadn’t yet. The goal was to pre-plan out 12 dates (ideally one date a month) that we could look forward to and do together.


We are 10 months into 2019, and we have 3 dates left to go on. It has been so nice to have a binder with gift cards and pre-planned dates. Here are some date ideas that I included in my binder and we have really enjoyed:

These dates are things that we have loved together, but there are so many options in North Phoenix/Cave Creek/Scottsdale. Pick ones that you and your significant other would enjoy! I bought most of the gift cards ahead of time, but if that isn’t an option, that’s totally fine. Just pre-planning dates and the romantic thought behind it is so meaningful.

Happy planning for your 12 date nights in 2020!


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