Local Living: One Local Mom is Changing How Your Week Begins



This post is sponsored by Mama’s Cold Brew. My opinions are my own and I absolutely LOVE their iced coffee + creamers… and I think you will too!

If you’re a coffee connoisseur – and you probably are because you’re a mom and how else do we survive?! – you probably go to Starbucks a lot. Or Dunkin Donuts. Or maybe McDonalds. Why? The drive-thru! Oh, that drive-thru is awesome, isn’t it? So convenient. No hauling kids in and out. No buckling and unbuckling car seats. No chasing toddlers through parking lots. No “Don’t touch that!”’s being yelled in the store. Ahh… convenience.

Those big boys have it figured out. And we love them for it.

But what about the little guys? Or the little mama’s?

Sometimes, they can be a bit harder to get to with the little ones in tow.

Have you tried locally made, Mama’s Cold Brew? Here at North Phoenix Mom’s Blog, we love it! It’s so tasty. It’s made by a local mom (of four kids ages five and younger!)  and we love supporting local businesses, local mamas, and all while sucking down a delicious caffeinated beverage.

But… no drive-thru.



Recently, ultra-hip and cool (also locally owned by TWO mama’s) breakfast/lunch joint, The Chestnut, started carrying Mama’s Cold Brew. There (44th Street and Camelback), the spicey-iced deliciousness is available EVERY DAY. They have drive up delivery, which is convenient, but things are about to get EVEN BETTER.

Starting on Monday, February 23rd, Mama’s Cold Brew and Chestnut are offering DRIVE THRU coffee and pastry service for moms on the go! It’s called, “Mom Day Monday” and it will be available every Monday from 7:30-9:30am. You just drive up, follow the signs and friendly faces, order some coffee (20 oz single serves and/or sets to take home), and a pastry from The Chestnut’s AMAZING pastry chef, and then drive off to school, home, play date, you name it – fully caffeinated and happy knowing you’re supporting a local mama.

For the grand launch of this exciting venture, you can try Mama’s Cold Brew with their new Nutella creamer, paired with a slice of Nutella loaf – for just $7. For the first mom who drives up and says, “I HEARD ABOUT MOM DAY MONDAY ON NORTH PHOENIX MOM’S BLOG!” – we’ll give you that combo for FREE! Whee!

So, mark your calendar and head on down to The Chestnut on Monday mornings! Join in the fun on Instagram too! Post a pic of your drive-thru loot with the tag #MomDayMonday and follow @mamascoldbrew – and we’ll pick our favorite picture and give away a FREE coffee/creamer set (account must public to win).


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