Local Living: Ollie Vaughn’s


I push the silver handle on the door of Ollie Vaughn’s on a daily basis.

An Iced Toddy appears almost instantly from the friendly face behind the counter and I begin debate on whether today will be a ham and cheese stuffed croissant or slice of quiche and greens morning.

& if it’s a really good day, I’ll see that same smile at lunch, without any judgement!

Believe me when I tell you, the sandwiches – salads – baked items – & coffee – are THAT good and so are the people that work there including the owner and leader, Lindsay.

So head on in and say we sent ya!

Ollie Vaughns will be closed today, but will re-open tomorrow – August 28th.

OVs LL Marquee

OVs LL Storefront

OVs LL 4up

Ovs LL Lindsay

Ovs LL Outdoor space

Local Listing.

Ollie Vaughn’s. 1526 East McDowell Rd. Phoenix. Az. 85006.

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More information on their website HERE

xoxo. nichole.

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