Local Living: Get Picking


Last chance Mommas to head on over to Truman Ranch this weekend for citrus picking for the season!


Wheelbarrow rides, yanking fruit from trees, a walk with a breeze, citrus fruit, talking about how food grows, and lots of candid pictures is what we had to show for a lovely drive and an hour among the trees.


$10 for a 15 lb bag. We filled our bag with grapefruit, 3 different types of oranges and lemons.

We are still talking about it – days later. And we’ve used our pickings to make a natural cleanser, lemon cookies, a crockpot chicken recipe and lots of fresh oranges for snacks!


So this is it. Last chance to get to Truman Ranch before the season ends! Hurry…get!

Local Listing Link:

Happy Picking.

xoxo. nichole.

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