Local Living: “Bees’ll Buzz”


image“in summer!”

So I might be a tad crazy, but maybe not?

I am leaning towards not … I’m always on the hunt for a good deal so that means I start shopping for summer clothes right after Christmas!

Let’s be real. It might be snowing in Scottsdale today but in 2.5 months warmer weather will begin to sneak up on us.

I love to shop at Peek, Zara, and Nordstrom for my girls but at full price they’d be sporting 1 dress for the entire summer versus a full wardrobe.

So here is the scoop. Start shopping right now!

Don’t believe me? I hauled all these pieces from Peek, Nordstrom and Gymboree for $65!

Here’s another tip, clean out last spring and summers clothes and head on over to Hissyfits resale, they are beginning to take spring clothing for their next big reveal, date to be announced soon!

xoxo. nichole.


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Lives for sneaking a spoon of peanut butter in the pantry, secret moments with her two girls, and begging for 2 more minutes of a back rub from her husband each night. Nichole is a storyteller, iPhone photographer, mother, coffee drinker, wife, blogger and Behavior Analyst. She struggles daily with the dichotomy of caregiver and breadwinner and the implications in a world still dominated by gender stereotypes. As a breadwinner, she is a Behavior Analyst specializing in Autism and works at a nationally recognized center of excellence near downtown Phoenix. As a caregiver, she specializes in chocolate chip pancakes, play-doh, and styling parties. You can follow her on Instagram - @azlocalliving


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