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North Phoenix Moms Blog is proud to partner with Shipt to bring our readers great information about grocery delivery in Phoenix. 


Confession time, I actually like to cook. Phew, there, I said it. But I do, and I actually enjoy planning out meals for the week. Even though it is time consuming and more work, my type A personality loves the organization and predictability of the planning and my creative, spontaneous side loves coming up with new recipes and playing with food. I’m a Gemini to the core! That being said, I don’t love how long the shopping takes. It usually takes me about 1 hour every weekend just to come up with meals and make a grocery list for the week, and then another 1-2 hours to go out and shop for all the items I need. I shop at Fry’s once a week and then hit up Trader Joe’s and Costco twice a month. It’s almost embarrassingly regimented. Until … a beautiful gift was bestowed upon me: a Shipt grocery delivery membership.  I’d heard of grocery delivery through other retailers but I hadn’t heard of Shipt,  so I was super excited. I can tell you there are some serious perks to this grocery delivery idea!

This one may not be a big surprise, but this is number one because of the sheer awesomeness of not having to get dressed, get baby dressed, remember my list and grocery totes, get in the car, drive to the store and then frantically run through the aisles like I’m on a grocery store game show, hoping that my sweet cherub won’t start her monologue from the exorcist in the middle of the store. I haven’t had to abandon my cart yet, but I’m pretty sure I could count grocery shopping as my cardio for the week.

The Shipt app is super easy to use (available on Apple + Android) and it saves your past orders so if you’re a creature of habit (I’m raising my hand now) it makes subsequent orders a breeze!

Grocery Delivery

Remember my fun timeline from above? On average it probably takes me about 2-3 hours to get my grocery shopping done for the week. The weekend hours are precious; I don’t get a lot of time with my family during the week, so I’d much rather spend any extra time I have on the weekends playing rather than shopping. We also have a one year old who (thankfully!) naps during the day and I am NOT a fan of disturbing nap time to run errands.

With Shipt, I can order my groceries anytime throughout the day and they usually have delivery time within hours of placing the order, so I can even have my grocery delivery on the same day!

Grocery Delivery
From what I can tell, Shipt only uses Fry’s stores for grocery delivery here in the Phoenix market. You can tell because they offer the Kroger store brand on many items and the groceries came in Fry’s bags (I should be a detective, I know). The nice thing about this is that you can get the items you are used to if you are a regular Fry’s shopper, as both name brand and store brands are available. Shipt also has the option to make “special requests” where you can just type in items and quantities of things you want that aren’t listed in the app. You won’t be able to see the price until you get the final receipt, but it is a nice feature. Since Shipt is an independent company, you don’t work with the store directly, you get a personal shopper. This is pretty cool, because when you place the order you are able to select whether they can contact you with substitutions or questions. I did this because I would rather hear my options than have items missing completely. It was so neat!  I got a text from my shopper when they were heading to the store and another text if there were any issues with my order during the actual grocery shop.  The hummus I wanted came in a different size than what was indicated in the order; my personal shopper sent me a text and I simply replied saying it was fine to get the smaller size.  The pears I wanted were out of stock so I was offered other options (and from this I learned that I LOVE Red Anjou pears).

With the “special requests” option and ability to add a note to any item, the customization options with Shipt are great.


The fine print …
Okay, so here is where I dish out the honest, nitty gritty details. First off, the service is new to the Phoenix market so you will have to check and make sure your home is included in the delivery zone (it is organized by zip code not city). Also, after using Shipt for a month I can tell you it is more expensive than if you went to the store yourself. On average, probably about 5-10% more. But, I can guess that if you are looking at grocery delivery you may be open to spending a little more for the convenience – I know I was! There is also a $7 delivery fee for orders under $35. You can not use store coupons or gift cards and you don’t get the prices listed in grocery ads. The prices on the Shipt app are set by them. Don’t get me wrong, there were some deals, just not as many as what you would normally see in the ads. And for my last note, brace yourself… you cannot order wine, beer, or any alcohol through Shipt. This would have made me a customer for life! Oh well, who am I kidding? I usually get my wine from Trader Joe’s anyway (their Coastal Chardonnay pairs very well with whenever your child’s bedtime is).
You can check out Shipt online or download their app for quick and easy mobile use. The membership is either $14/month or $99/year. They even have a super easy way to gift a membership. Be sure you check the recipient’s address to see if they are in the delivery area beforehand.  I wanted to gift a membership to a friend who recently had a baby and was just outside of area and a simple email to Shipt and they made it happen!!! If you know any new or expecting parents, this makes the BEST gift ever. They have a whole baby section with diapers, wipes, food, etc. Actually… this would be a great gift for anybody! You will score serious brownie points; just tell them you got the idea from North Phoenix Moms Blog! (*wink wink)

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This is a sponsored post, though our opinions are our own and this post is an honest one.

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  1. I was given a membership for Christmas. I love to use it when I need it. I don’t use it for all of my grocery shopping, because I am a little bit more budget conscious lately. But for those weeks when I need it, like someone is sick, it is so awesome! I haven’t tried it yet, but my friend who is a shopper for them said that if the shop or is that a Frys with a Starbucks, I could probably ask them to bring me coffee too!


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