When You Lie to Your Pediatrician


I just want to start this post by saying I love my pediatrician. I’ve known her over ten years and trust her with my kids’ lives (literally.) But, loving someone doesn’t mean you’re always truthful and I’ve told my fair share of white lies to my pediatrician over the years.

pediatricianQuestion: Is your 6 month old sleeping through the night?
What I said: Yes, I put him in his crib every night at 8pm and he stays there until 6am!
The Truth: Of course he doesn’t sleep through the night; he’s up every hour. I  just let him sleep in my bed and basically push my boob in his mouth when he starts to cry.

Question: What is his diet like? Is he eating his fruits and veggies?
What I said: Oh yes, he loves broccoli!
Truth: I think he’s had Kraft mac and cheese every night this week.

Question: Is he involved in activities? I suggest going to library time every week.
What I said: Oh yeah, I’m actually planning on taking him to library time next week!
Truth: I honestly wish I I could go, but wrangling two babies around a library alone seems more like an ancient torture technique.

Question: Do you let him play with your phone?
What I said: No, never.
Truth: At 18 months my son could open my phone, find his favorite Sesame Street App and sing along to all the songs.

Question: Remember, no screen time at all, even if it seems educational. Did you know the APA recommends zero screen time until they’re two?
Answer: Oh no, we just read lots of books in our house.
Truth: I know all the words to Moana, Frozen, and Tangled.

I think our pediatricians are probably the last people who expect us to have the right answers. So why do we feel so much pressure to lie? I think it comes from an internal fear of failing. We don’t ever want someone to tell us we’re doing something wrong, much less admit it. So what will I do going forward? I will most likely continue to fib my way through check-ups, and as long as I have happy health children I’ll sleep just fine.


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