Laughter is the Best Medicine


Life is hard. I mean when you sit down and think about it, we face many challenging situations in our lifetime. Once I became a mom, I experienced not only my own difficult hardships, but I feel it when my kids and husband are going through something difficult as well. Therefore, I am about to state the obvious, but all of that has caused me to worry and stress more than ever. These days I have really been trying to work on my anxiety issues and figuring out ways to manage them. They say laughter is the best medicine and I realized, it has been quite some time since I have had a good, solid laugh.

Who honestly can say they don’t enjoy laughing? Especially the kind when you laugh so hard your stomach starts to hurt and you feel like you just had yourself a nice little core workout. I always love experiencing a laugh like this but anytime I can find humor in something it usually brightens my day up. Science will tell you there are many benefits that laughter has to offer us, such as releasing tension, boosting the immune system and lowering anxiety but we all know that it just makes us feel happy. I figure what better way to make me forget about the not so pleasant things that happen from day to day then to make a conscious effort to seek out the funnier things that life has to offer me.


Humor is different for everyone but this is where I find my comedy:

  • Hanging out with that person whose laugh just makes you laugh. For me, that person is my Dad. I’m always guaranteed a good chuckle if I find the time to sit down and watch Family Feud or Ridiculousness with him. I highly suggest you seek out that individual in your life that has that contagious laughter.
  • Dance parties in our household are pretty hysterical. I’m not sure what makes me crack up more, the facial expressions or dance moves that my daughters perform when they are listening to their favorite songs. If my husband decides to join in then I know I am going to be giggling.
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I have been a fan of Jimmy Fallon for such a long time. I will attempt to stay up past 10:30 pm as often as I can just so I can watch this guy. I personally enjoy when he shares his hashtags, and the do not read or play lists; these are usually pretty comical.
  • Reminiscing about humorous past events with family and friends. I find it even more amusing if at the time the incident wasn’t so funny but looking back on it you can snicker about it. Nothing beats hanging out with the ones you love and laughing together.

Find what makes you roar with laughter and surround yourself with it.  I do believe that laughter is one of the best therapies out there.



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