Do You Love or Hate the Latest Parenting Trend?


Every aspect of parenting is “go big” or “go home now.” From pregnancy announcements and gender reveals to the first birthday bash; it’s all a party these days.  That’s probably why Pink’s latest celebration is sure to take off as the next big parenting trend. I’m talking about the older big sister party she threw her daughter to celebrate her new status when her baby brother was born.


When I first read about it, I was annoyed at yet another bar potentially being set for moms. I’m all for giving the older sibling a present and some special one-on-one time with mommy when the demanding new baby arrives, but a party?!

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I understand all too well the range of emotions a child goes through when a new baby joins the family, but I also believe that there are ways to help children understand and deal with those emotions that don’t involve a dog and pony show.  However with Pink being a grounded and rational super star mom I knew this party had to be reasonable. She’s just like us…a crafter and all.



After reading reports of the party in the days following, it seems it was a simple cake and balloon shindig…not the over-the-top parties we’ve seen on a Real Housewives episode. So hat’s off to you Pink. You gave little Willow just what she apparently needed.


What do you think? Will this be the latest parenting trend or a cute idea that never really goes mainstream? The true test on if this idea takes off or not will be Queen Bey. I can’t wait to hear about Blue Ivy’s inauguration into the big sis role. 


What have you done to make the older siblings in your family feel extra special upon the arrival of a new baby?


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