Last-Minute Father’s Day Fun!



This was my Father’s Day card for my husband last year. It was the first year that I planned ahead and made a special card! I am such a procrastinator. I have come a long way, but it is still my default. On that note, it’s Thursday today and you (and I) still have a few more days to plan if you haven’t started already!

My week started off with my two little girls having a nasty stomach flu. Yuck! So, I am a bit behind, but I am going to share some of my plans with you, along with a few others, that may give you some ideas to make your husband, significant other, or dad feel loved! (I already warned my husband he’s not allowed to read this post!)

1. Handmade/Kids’ choice Cards-  I’m a bit undecided about this, but I am either going to have them make a card for their daddy, or pick out one from the store (even if it isn’t a “Father’s Day” card- it’s cuter when they pick one for the wrong occasion- you never know what they’ll come up with!

2. T-Shirts- I am going to have my girls help me with making a “I love Daddy” shirt that they’ll wear the whole day! I am just going to buy two simple shirts, and add iron-on letters. Simple but very cute! Another option is having your children make their dad a shirt that HE wears for the day with something on it like “World’s Best Dad” etc!

3.Picture Collage- This year, I am putting together a little banner to hang in the house somewhere of the girls doing all the things that remind us of daddy. For example, I’m having the girls put on his full work attire in one photo, put shaving cream on their faces in another, eat pickles (a favorite food around here!), play daddy’s guitar (with HEAVY supervision of course!), pretending to fix something alongside daddy’s tool bag, spiking their hair with gel,…and the list goes on! You get the idea, right?

4. Special Gift- Adam has been wanting a LEGO alarm clock for some time- it’s the inner little boy in him 😉 He also loves wrapping gifts in newspaper. So, I’m going to have the girls go buy the gift with me, and wrap it themselves (with some much needed assistance  of course!).

5. Father’s Day Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner– For our family, I’m thinking a manly meal for dinner of steak, potatoes, and roasted veggies! You can make it extra special by decorating the table, and maybe having his favorite music in the background 😉

6. Updated Family Photos– Okay, so I know that this isn’t at the TOP of every man’s list for fathers day, BUT they will be happy looking at new, framed photos of their precious family while they are chugging along through the day at work! Adam specifically requested these, so they are a must this year.

Well, that is what my family is doing- keeping it pretty simple! But there are lots of other types of fun to be had!

Some other fun things to do:

  • Surprise Day Trip
  • Family Movie Night
  • Take Dad to his favorite restaurant
  • Let him have a day to do whatever he wants to do- obligation free!
  • Write a special poem
  • Print a free printable to frame for the day (just type in Father’s Day Printable on Google and lots should pop up!)
  • Go Camping

Do any of you have anything special you are doing for that special father in your life that isn’t mentioned here?? We’d love more ideas! 

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