Kindness Challenge: Make a Positive Impact


After having a particularly hard week for no other reason than that life is hard sometimes, a fellow mom complimented me on doing a great job instilling confidence in my son because she has noticed how talkative and outgoing he has become.

It was a particularly prideful moment because while the compliment was indirectly about my son’s confidence, it was directly a compliment to my parenting.  

Every parent would likely agree that there are days we are certain we’re screwing up our kids. Whether being impatient or short-tempered, it’s easy to feel like you’re failing. Which is why, at that moment, the 15 or so words she said to me were worth more than gold.

remember-theres-no-such-thing-as-a-small-act-of-kindness-every-act-creates-a-ripple-with-no-logical-end-scott-adamsI realized that she had no idea the power her words held and I wanted to pay it forward. I intentionally handed out compliments like candy  after that. I have no idea if it helped other people as much as it helped me, but that’s partly the point…being kind isn’t about you; it’s about giving without expecting anything in return.

So, I’m urging each of you to do the same in what I’m calling a “Kindness Challenge.”  

The rules are simple:  compliment one mom, each day, for an entire week.  There’s no money involved. There’s virtually no time commitment either.  Just say something genuinely kind to another mom. Make the compliment about her. Not about her kids. Not about her clothes. Not about her cooking. Just her. The person she is and the characteristics she embodies.

Seven days.

Comment below if you’re in for the kindness challenge, and if you want to do this publicly, use #nphxmoms on Instagram!


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