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My mom bought a neat book for my daughter for Christmas that has lots of fun craft ideas for girls in it. Flipping through it, we decided the first craft we wanted to make was a dream catcher for E’s bedroom. We used the book as well as some online instructions for inspiration.

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We were lucky enough to find a bendable stick at the park. So I fashioned this into a circle and taped it with duct tape. I love the idea of crafting from nature finds, but if you can’t find a stick you could use a foam wreath form from a craft shop or an embroidery hoop. I had my daughter wrap the hoop in ribbon and then I secured it with hot glue. Then we wove the center web (which will catch her bad dreams while letting the good dreams pass through to her!) Similar instructions are here. We added beads as we went and tied in a heart design in the center. Finally, we tied feathers to the bottom of the hoop.

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The dream catcher looks so sweet hanging above her bed! So far it has helped keep the bad dreams away!

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I love how customizable this craft it. You could use any color yarn or ribbon or another material such as leather. You could add any charm or bead you would like. It works for a boy or a girl.

When I can,  I like to add some reading material to activities we do. It was especially nice for this craft because I am not sure my daughter was very familiar with dream catchers before. We found two books at our local library, Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher and Isaac’s Dreamcatcher which we enjoyed reading together.

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We had so much fun making this craft together and I am looking forward to doing more fun projects soon!

Will you make a dreamcatcher for your children? What colors will you use and how will you customize it? Let us know in the comments!

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