Join me in a challenge


You all have heard the saying “Never Judge Someone Until you Walk a Mile in their Shoes” right?  Well if you are like me, than this saying has stopped you in your tracks a few times……. And this is why I am creating a challenge for myself.

Social Media has become such a prominent way of getting to know people.   From MySpace to Facebook, blogging to twitter, and from pinterest to instagram.  It is remarkable to me how these types of social accounts have created such an interest from society.  I too have taken part in this interest and created a blog and facebook account for my family.  I thoroughly enjoy the accessibility of being one click away from seeing what my closest friends or family is up to without having to pick up the phone.    This is one of many positive reasons I enjoy these types of accounts.

On the contrary, there is a list of negative reasons these accounts can have too.  The world we live in today is constantly creating a picture of “Perfectionism”.   Whether it’s the perfect family, the perfect body, or the perfect wife, it’s hard to feel like we measure up.  The need to be perfect or have it all together is tugging at us constantly through friends, work, church, etc.  How many of you have sat in front of the computer on some type of social network site and thought, they have the perfect marriage, she is the perfect wife, or they have the perfect kids?

Without even knowing the true story about them you form this opinion in your mind that they have it all together.  This is one part of the negative effects these sites can have.  It can quickly start causing us to minimize the happiness in our own lives, and you can be filled with envy and jealousy.  In the past, I have gotten caught up in this, just from one picture or reading one blog post.  So my hope is that if you have done this in the past, or currently do this, then you will take my challenge.

The next time you are on some kind of social network site, whether it is on the computer or your smart phone, the moment you think for a second that someone else has it all together or their life is better than yours, CLOSE THE COMPUTER or SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE.  Immediately say something you are thankful for and repeat as necessary! Good luck with the challenge!



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