Is a Microschool the Right Choice for My Family?


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For me, microschool is a relatively new term. I began hearing the term as schools went online last year. I’ve watched friends choose this pod-style of learning and love it. Their children are thriving, and parents have found unique communities as they are walking through their educational journey.

Watching Korbin’s journey is inspiring! My family can relate to needing a school where children hear the message that mistakes are how we learn. 

The Prescott Family has been so generous with their time and has given us insight into how Prenda works for all types of students. As the parents of ten children, they have seen this unique learning experience does wonders for their families.

 Is a microschool the right choice for my family?

In Arizona, we are very fortunate to have a solid, proven example of microschools. Prenda was founded here, giving Arizona families access to an abundance of microschools throughout the state.

Prenda serves approximately 4000 students in Arizona through nearly 400 microschools across the state. Prenda operates in the San Carlos Apache Nation in urban Phoenix through a partnership with the Black Mothers Forum and rural Arizona. Students in Arizona pay nothing to learn with Prenda, enrolling through a charter school or selecting district schools that offer Prenda educational options.

(From Prenda)

Prenda helps parents and teachers operate world-class microschools. Prenda partners with regulated, state-credentialed educational institutions to engage small groups of five to ten students in mastery-focused, project-based learning, often in a neighborhood home or community center.  Prenda is inclusive and adaptable by keeping class sizes small, and our platform and approach have helped students with a range of learning abilities thrive. Microschools use technology to enhance and personalize the learning experience. Still, they are designed around real-world human connections with mission-driven guides committed to each child’s growth and success.

Prenda’s small group, learner-led model has proven to be very helpful for kids who are struggling academically or socially. They may need more individualized attention, a safe space away from bullying, or a format that rekindles their excitement about learning. The COVID-19 pandemic was difficult for all of us, but especially for kids trying to learn in less-than-ideal conditions, many of whom now are nervous or scared at the idea of going back to the classroom. Prenda is designed to give those learners the chance to thrive in their own way and at their pace while trying to build a new normal for these kids.

Learn more about their microschools or apply to become a guide.


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