Indoor Summer Activities: Dr. Seuss Edition!


I am always trying to find something fun to do inside with my girls during these hot summer months! I found a fantastic blog called the Oopsy Daisy Blog . It has SO many great preschool lesson plans that you can do with your children. The best part about it is that it’s FREE! I wanted to sample a few activities for you off the Dr. Seuss lesson plan. I love the thought of incorporating reading in anytime I can AND I love Dr. Seuss books! Here are a few things we did:

First we read this Dr. Seuss book:

We had three preschool aged little girls over here to do the activity and this book held their attention for the majority of the time. It’s a little wordy for their age, but they did enjoy it! I actually printed off quite a few activities (5 to be precise), but we only ended up doing three of them. Their desire to run around and play together took over after the first two activities!

We focused on the fish in the bowl for this round of Dr. Seuss fun. I printed out a picture of a large fish bowl and another worksheet of a bunch of fish. The girls colored all of the fish, then we put the fish inside of the bowl when they were all cut and colored (by the way, both of those worksheets can be found on the Oopsy Daisy website!). They most enjoyed the cutting and taping the fish onto the bowl 🙂


Next, we did a matching goldfish activity. This was super cute, gets their little brains going with trying to figure out what matches what, and then they get to eat a snack at the end! Once again, this printable sheet is found on the Dr. Seuss lesson plan on her website.



We did do another matching game that deals with lining up  numbers 1-10 and it has a snippet of a picture and it creates the Cat in the Hat in the end. Unfortunately I didn’t get to snap any photos. I think all of this took a little under an hour. All of the girls did a very good job, and I think that it helped in breaking up the day a bit. Sometimes kids (and mommies) need a change of scenery and something to do outside of the daily grind. I know I will be a frequent visitor of her site and look forward to posting more fun activities I try with my girls!


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Krystle is the proud mama of three children (two girls, born in 2009 and 2011, and a boy, born 2013). Having three little ones keeps her on her toes most days but she wouldn't have it any other way! She loves crafting, DIY projects, homeschooling, natural living, spending time with her family, being involved at church, and enjoying the outdoors (when the temps aren't above 100 that is!). She is the co-founder of North Phoenix Moms Blog and gets really excited about connecting local moms together, planning fun events, and building community!


  1. Thank you so much! What a wonderful website and I love Dr. Seuss! Children’s literature is so important. Love the idea of incorporating a book into each lesson plan. 🙂

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