Ideas for Low-Contact Trick-or-Treating


If you’ve been watching Pinterest, you know that there are some amazing Ideas for Low-Contact Trick-or-Treating. We have a few ideas to help you create festivities that are set up to be safe as well as fun.

Moms have been the masters of the newest buzz word during the pandemic. We can pivot! We have pivoted every day to jump through the new hoops with a great attitude and a smile, while trying to keep our kids calm, happy, and thriving during this time. 

This Halloween will be no different! There are already so many amazing ideas for Low-Contact Trick-or-Treating being shared that look fantastic! They will probably become part of our regular Halloween traditions.

We’ve scoured the web and here are a few or our favorite ideas for Low-Contact Trick-or-Treating:

  1. Create the ultimate Halloween Candy Graveyard this year where kids can trick-or-treat from a safe distance! Simply turn your front yard into a graveyard with treats in front of each stone. You can use cereal boxes to create the gravestones and Easter eggs to hide the treats in! 
  2. Create a cute and colorful Monster Themed Halloween Table that kids will love! Set up a long table that kids may approach in family groups to select a goodie bag of monster candy! 
  3. Hold a neighborhood costume parade! Family groups could walk together and wave at everyone on their porch. I know we love seeing the costumes the kids pick out every year! And what a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors! 

4. Make a DIY pick your own candy hedge. Set up a fake hedge or bush and clip or tie the candy to the bush. 

5. Create a pick your own Halloween treat bag! Create bags of candy and tie them to long yard sticks to set in the front yard. No contact at all for anyone! Bonus points if you make the candy bag resemble a cute ghost or monster!

And last, but not least, use this free printable to ‘Boo’ your friends and neighbors

Have a wonderful and safe holiday! Let us know what other ideas you have! 

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