I Watered and Waited


Something deep in my spirit can relate to this plant.

watered and waitedOver the 4th of July holiday we took our usual trip to visit my mom and stepdad. We would be gone 4 days, and was I worried about the plants. So hot and no one to water them. I’m not known for my green thumb, but somehow after neglecting and killing the first batch, I had managed to keep this second group alive for more than two months, which doesn’t sound like anything special, but it is. I was growing quite fond of them. With no other options I though, “we’ll just have to see what happens” and off we went.

When we returned home, it was just as bad as I expected. Our once full and thriving Lemon Balm plants were crusty and dead and flaky and fragile. Everything visible above the soil was so far gone. But that isn’t the whole picture. 

Out of habit, more than hope, I watered and waited. And waited. I faithfully cared for these sorry crispy plants, all the while not really expecting any change. Originally, the plants were intended as a lesson for my daughter in responsibility and caring for another living thing. Little did I know, this round of plant failure would teach me something even more valuable about my own condition.

Day after day I watered and waited. Faithfully and patiently. No sign of life, but I just kept at it. Until one day, there they were. I saw fresh green life had pushed through the dirt at the base of the scorched twigs and fried leaves.

If you’ll pardon the cheesy comparison, I’m a lot like these plants at times. I’m in a dry and crispy season right now. I have neglected my soul and pushed aside everything in the “emotional wellbeing” column for a few select things in the “just hanging on and getting by” column.

So what’s a girl to do? Where to even begin to sort out what your soul really needs? For me that means putting first things first. I need to be spending time in the quiet, with my Bible. I need to take better care of my body and my home. I need to faithfully invest in what gives me life. One day at a time. One investment after another. One choice, one good habit at a time. It doesn’t happen all at once, but maybe one day soon I’ll look back and see what used to be parched and wind burned has made way for a new leaf. All because I watered and waited.


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