I Want My Body Back: How to Know When it’s Time to be Done Breastfeeding


There are so many pros to breastfeeding. “Breast is Best!” is constantly spread around in birthing classes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, magazines, books and in moms groups all over the world. It’s an amazing tool to set your baby up for success. Not to say formula feeding is worse or lacking by any means, it just seems like breastfeeding is pushed on the general public over and over again as reigning supreme.

With my first baby, now 2 1/2, I struggled the whole time with breastfeeding. She wasn’t gaining weight fast enough, she was a little fussy, and she wasn’t sleeping great, so we made the decision to supplement with formula and eventually we switched completely to formula because she was thriving on it. It worked for us and it was great. I felt like I had failed her on some level, but I was also a little relieved to have my body back to myself after over a year of nourishing her in one way or another. Now, I’m 4 months into having my second baby girl and I still can’t believe how successful breastfeeding has been going this time around. It’s been a completely different experience! She’s gaining weight like crazy, sleeps pretty well, and is generally the happiest baby ever. I totally went into this round thinking that I’d give it a go but that I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I was ready to give formula at point that I noticed signs that breastfeeding wasn’t going to work out.

Sunshine & Lullabies with Mother & Child Co.

When we hit 4 months, I started working out harder and my milk supply completely tanked. Like within a few days … cue the tears for both me and Indy in the middle of attempting to feed. She’s starving and I’m freaking out. Oh, and did I mention she hates bottles? That’s another issue that also plays into this problem. I totally thought that’d I’d be so happy when it came the time to drop breastfeeding so that I could have my body back to myself. I can’t wait to work out hard, have my husband help out with those middle of the night feeds every once in awhile, and to make wardrobe decisions other than the single criteria being how simple it is to pop a boob out.  But then this supply drop happened and I realized that I wasn’t ready to give it up. I don’t know if this is my last time having a chance to breastfeed and I know that I’m going to miss this insanely close bond once this time ends.

I put my supply issues on my Instagram and Facebook pages and got the most amazing suggestions and support from everyone. I’ve added in lactation supplements, make sure I’m drinking enough water (I think my issue was increased cardio and dehydration), Oat Mama lactation bars have been a daily add on, I eased up on the working out, and after about a week my supply leveled out. Thank goodness! So for now I’m cherishing this time in my life where I’m breastfeeding, even if my body still isn’t completely my own. I’m taking pictures so that I can remember this point in my life with my girls. Eventually it will end and I will most likely miss it.

Sunshine & Lullabies with Mother & Child Co.

So don’t be afraid to ask for help with breastfeeding and if that isn’t the best choice for you, that’s ok too. As long as the baby eats, it’s all good! If you did go the breastfeeding route, how was your experience? Did you have any issues, and if so, what did you do? I’d love to hear any tips for keeping supply up in case it happens to me again.

P.S. These pictures were taken with Mother & Child co. and they are some of the most special and treasured pictures that I have. If you’d like to see more you can check them out here.

xoxo, Ashley


  1. This post came at a perfect time for me. At his 3 months appointment, my baby came in very underweight and continued to drop because my breast milk supply just wasn’t enough. We started supplementing with formula and a whole new baby came out. His fussiness was gone and he started sleeping so much better. Unfortunately, he started refusing to nurse because his lazy side came out and hey! a bottle is so much easier right?! It devastated me and made me realize how important nursing him is to me and how I wasn’t ready to give it up.

    We have been working through it and doing different things to the point where we are now nursing and supplementing still. Sometimes he nurses, sometimes he wants a bottle and I pump. It has taken me some time to be realize that this is okay and that it is more important for my baby to be healthy then to starve him because I am afraid of formula feeding. Every baby is different and as long as he is full and loved then I can’t spend my time feeling guilty.

    Thank you for sharing your story! It is nice to know that other moms have gone through the same thing I am going through!


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