I See You, Mama! Let Me Give You a Reprieve

I see you mama

I see you, Mama.

Sip. Savor. Breathe. Do you get these moments? The commercials show a relaxed woman, sitting on a porch overlooking a picturesque backdrop or soaking in a nice bubble bath. Does that seem far-fetched to you? As you look at those images, have you had to turn on your selective hearing while your kiddos play “Where the Wild Things Are?” creating a wild rumpus of sorts all over your recently cleaned home? Do you have to turn on your imagine-o-vision to remember what a clean house looked like an hour ago when you mopped the floors, only to find the fridge wide open, spaghetti-o’s splattered on the cabinets, and the dog licking the fingers and toes of your “in-cahoots” toddler? (Did you literally just see your precious baby rub their hands together and let out a cunning laugh as if they were plotting some villainous escapade?)

Mamas, I get it. Maybe not this exact scenario per se, but I get the overwhelm, the worry, and the desire to “escape” sometimes. Remember the commercial that said, “Calgon, take me away?” Well, Calgon, where are you in this mother’s time of need? A little decompression is all we’re asking for. That, and maybe a little caffeine to help us sip, savor, and let us take a breather to let us know we are still valuable human beings that deserve a little break for ourselves once in a while.

To honor you, fellow mama warriors, I would like to gift one of you a $25 gift card of your choice. Would you like one for Starbucks? Would you like one for Target? Walk around, find a great clearance deal, and get a peppermint hot chocolate with almond milk. (Just me)? Maybe you’d like a Groupon gift card and want to find a fun outing for yourself or try a new lunch spot? The world is your oyster in this moment, and I’m your genie/wish-granter for some merriment as we head into a busy holiday season. I see you, Mama, and I’m cheerin’ for ya. If you’d like to try and score a $25 gift card of your choice, please comment below and please let me know why you could use some respite and where you’d enjoy a gift card to. The winner will be chosen randomly and notified by December 16, 2022.


  1. My reprieve comes in the form of helping others. I know someone who could use this more than myself, so it would be gifted. ❤️

  2. I loved the Calgon, take me away commercial and your whitty reference here. I leave a comment not for me, but a Momma from my mom’s group. She has so much on her plate and would love to bless her with a little token for her to decompress and know she is cared for in this season.

  3. Oh yes! A reprieve sounds wonderful but it’s not from the busyness of the holidays, just life. It’s a lot especially for the mamas that have kiddos requiring extra – therapies, doctor appointments, specialists, routine schedules for a year, leading up to your child’s second birthday. Sigh. It won’t always be this way. Things will get better, easier. They aren’t little for long. For me, I just want to get into a massage chair and have someone go to work on my sore feet (yes, and pay for the upgrade with the cheese grater). LOL.

  4. I would love to be considered for a gift card! Been a single mama this whole year with little to no help with my minis. I am their direct care worker and manage multiple appointments, therapies, and obligations daily for them both. A gift card to treat myself would be humbling appreciated.

  5. What a great way to honor mothers! I love my role as a mother and wouldn’t have it any other way. I do get burned out with the everyday tasks that come with being a SAHM doing homeschool with a baby in tow. I know i should prioritize self-care as well so here I am! A great respite for me would probably be to see a movie of my choice!

  6. I’ve been struggling mentally for a few months now and definitely feel like I need some me time somewhere that makes me feel alive!!!

  7. This year, I find myself frazzled. Usually not the case as I plan & organize Christmas way back in September. But this year, oof!! My oldest in Kinder which has layered on projects, parties, and all the extras just in case I wasn’t already tired of being the sole “magic maker” in our household. Sigh, only 10 more days I keep telling myself! Then as the calendar turns to a new year, I’d use this gift card to have lunch out with a friend. We’d laugh, we’d commiserate, we’d smile. And by the end we’d be refreshed for the next moment our magic maker skills are needed for. 🙂

  8. Thank you to everyone who commented. My heart goes out to you, and I sincerely hope you will be blessed this season. I wish I could be a blessing to every one of you. I did an online name drawing that randomly selected names. Thanks to an anonymous person who was moved by this article, she donated a $25 gift card. Our two winners are Veronica and Chloe. Congratulations!


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