How to Throw an Epic Pizza Party


how to throw an epic pizza partyOk mamas. . . . get your calendars ready, because September 5th is a BIG day. Why you ask? Because it is National Cheese Pizza Day, which means it’s the one day of the year you can feed your toddlers without saying, “just 2 more bites.” What kid doesn’t love pizza?! I mean, even if they don’t like cheese, bread and sauce instead? Or maybe you have one who is allergic to tomato – no problem, simply switch it up with a white sauce. Pizza is like the universal love language of toddlers.

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September 5th happens to be a Monday, and if you are anything like me, Monday is the day when I actually have enough energy to put some effort into a meal. So why not use this “national holiday” as a special surprise for your kids and throw a pizza party! I use the term “party” very loosely for this. It can be a simple or elaborate as you want. It’s basically an evening when the whole family can get together and make individualized pizzas to suit their fancy. If you want to go the extra step and have a few decorations up, that’s just an extra bonus.

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When I think of pizza, I think of Italy, and a small quaint Italian restaurant I used to go to when I lived in the Bay Area. It wasn’t anything fancy: red and white gingham table cloths and one simple candle on the table set the mood for a true pizzeria. This would be easy to recreate in your dining room. Add some Italian music playing in the background and you’ve got the perfect setting for a Mama Mia Good Time.

Red and white gingham italian pizzeria partyKaras Party Ideas

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Karas Party Ideas

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Why not carry on with the pizza theme through the whole dinner and include an Italian salad and fruit pizza as sides? Kids (and your hubby) will love this take on a “fruit salad,” and it would be so easy this time of year when we have access to such delicious fruit at a decent price.

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And last but not least, top the whole evening off with a dessert pizza. There are so many different recipes and ideas for dessert pizzas, but this chocolate peanut butter one has me salivating.

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Every once in awhile, it is nice to change things up. Even if your “party” is allowing the kids to roll out some pizza dough and slap on some toppings at the kitchen counter, it is a special night that your kids will remember for years to come. Making memories (and a mess every once in awhile) is the BEST! I hope you have a memorable National Cheese Pizza Day!

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