How To Successfully Be a Work From Home Mom


Since becoming a mom two years ago, I’ve juggled a few different career paths while trying to figure out the best fit for our family and lifestyle.  I’ve worked at home for a 40-hour a week corporate company, switched to part-time hours while teaching yoga on the side, before transitioning into fully working “for myself.” As a yoga instructor, I teach outside of the house, but I also do a lot of work at home; everything from prepping for classes to working on my website/branding plus blogging and writing.  After doing this for over a year I’ve picked up a few tricks to help my day-to-day mom and work life be a success! 

Here’s a few tips for those mamas currently working from home OR considering it:

Work From Home Mom Tips North Phoenix Moms Blog

1. Schedule!

I have to be a bit of a crazy person when it comes to scheduling but since Nap Time=Work Time it’s important that it happens at the same time everyday. Not only is nap time easier on the little one when she has a routine, it also helps if I ever need to schedule a call. This means that even on the weekends we stick to the schedule – no exceptions!

2. Night Owl or Early Bird…but not both.

In an ideal world you would get all your work done while the kiddo(s) are napping but that rarely happens for me. So, you will probably need to either work before the little one wakes up or after, BUT please don’t do both. I’m a huge advocate for self care and us mamas can be the WORST at it, especially when it comes to sleep. Sleep is integral for good health, so either wake up early or go to bed late but don’t do both on a regular basis.

3. Technology IS Your Friend.

Okay, so let’s say you’re working during nap time and staying up late each night to finish, but still have more to get done? Get rid of the Mom Guilt while you use technology as your babysitter. Hopefully it won’t happen everyday, but turning on a 30-minute episode of Clifford while you polish up your current project will actually be more efficient than trying to entertain a toddler with a sensory game while simultaneously emailing.

4. Designate a Space.

Having a designated space for you to work in will inspire and thus motivate you to work. To be honest, this is one I’m still working on, but my husband and I have found inspiration on Pinterest to create a double desk in our den. Right now I usually work at the dining room table, as I’ve found when I bring the laptop to bed I find it much harder to focus.

5. Find a Sitter and a Backup Sitter.

Depending on how many hours and what type of job you are doing from home, you may need to bring in extra help. My first suggestion, especially if you are working part-time, is to see if you can find a fellow mama who would be interested in swapping days. Even if she’s not a working mom, she will love to have a day to run her errands without a little one in tow, and in turn, you can have a full day of working without also being a mom. If you are working full-time then you will probably need to hire a sitter for the majority of your hours, and a nanny placement agency can be very helpful!


So..yes..staying on a schedule, maintaining organization, and having a dedicated space will help you in your day-to-day work from home mom life. But, I am guessing one of the reasons you work from home is for the schedule flexibility and to be closer to your kiddos. So take advantage of the ability to run to the park for 30 minutes to get some fresh air, grab a morning coffee and playdate with a fellow mama, or snuggle extra long before nap time. These moments are so special and are definitely the biggest benefit to being a Work From Home Mama.

If you’re a work from home mom, what else would you add to this list??



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