How to Make Your Own Magnetic Chalkboard


With the kids heading back to school, and us moms struggling to get them back into the swing of things, we are all looking for ways to make learning more fun. What better way to do so then to create a creativity center complete with a magnetic chalkboard that will allow them to practice their writing, letters, spelling, and have fun at the same time?

chalkboard coverThis DIY magnetic chalkboard only takes a few simple steps and creates the perfect little spot for your kiddos to let their creativity run wild. All of the supplies can be purchased from Ikea and Amazon as well, so it makes buying everything very easy. If you want to make your magnetic board even larger you can buy multiple boards and hang them together to form a larger square/rectangle.  The best part is…it takes up practically no space, since it hangs on the wall, and is virtually mess free with the hanging storage containers below!

The only true step in making this board is to spray paint the front of the magnetic board with chalk board paint… and naturally, it’s best to do this outside away from your kids. It will take a few coats, so just be sure to read the directions before you start. I took it one step further and took my magnetic board over to Home Depot and had them cut a frame to match out of strips of base board. I think it cost me about $5 in wood, and after using Gorilla Glue to stick it together, and painting the frame white, it gave it a fancier twist for my daughter’s room. After your board is completed, all you need to do is hang it, stock it with supplies, and let your kids loose!

supplies-11. Spontan Magnetic Board $12.99 / 2. Fintorp Black Rail $9.99 / 3. Fintorp Condiment Stand $16.99 / 4. Fintorp Utensil Holder $6.99 / 5. Fintorp Hooks $2.99 (per 5) / 6. Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint $3.74 7. Alex Magnetic Letters $7.50 / 8. Melissa and Doug Chalk and Eraser $7.99


  1. This is soooo great! I love this idea and LOVE that you put links to EVERYTHING. Someone like me who needs direct specific details loves that you linked it all for me to just click and find! 🙂


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