How to Glam up for a Holiday Party – Quick & Easy Beauty Ideas


It’s that time of year when between family, work, and kid’s activities, it seems there’s a holiday party at least every weekend.  As a mom, I don’t always have the hours that I would like to get all dolled up for these parties, and many times, they are not the really formal parties that we all see in the movies.  I love seeing women all glamorous in their gowns and jewels, but let’s face it, the holiday parties I’m going to are not even close to that elaborate.  Even though I’m not going all out in my floor-length dress, I still like to add a little glam to my style.  This year, I have two go-to ideas that are quick and easy, but still give me that touch of sparkle and cheer.

My first trick this season is fun do-it-yourself nails.  I love getting a mani-pedi, but I don’t always have the time or money to spend on one.  I am also not the most patient or talented artist, so I like simple and easy ideas.  The “accent nail”  is really in right now, where you pick one nail and paint it a different color than the rest.  I have done this over the past couple months with my fall colors.  For the holiday season, I decided I’d glam it up a bit with red and metallic silver.

Instead of painting the whole nail the accent color, I did a half nail french on my ring finger.  I used the nail strips made for french manicures, but you can use hole reinforcers from your office supplies that work just as well.  Make sure you let each coat dry before moving on.  Finish with a topcoat to complete the look.

Now, here’s an easy hair style.   Braids are back…French braids, fishtails, braiding just your bangs, or braiding all your hair.  My go-to hair style this season is one that I feel dresses up my hair a bit.  I separate two sections of hair near my forehead and braid each one, just a regular braid, not a French braid or anything fancy.  Then, sweep each one back and use bobby pins to secure them beneath some of your hair on the back of your head.  You can then leave the rest of your hair down or pin part of it up.  This works well with straight hair, curly hair, and anything in between.


What are your go-to styles this season?


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