How To Get Fit And Say Adios To The Mom Bod Once And For All


I’m well aware of the changes my body has gone through after having three kids, yet I’m always surprised by the way I look in pictures or when I catch a glimpse of my reflection.  Who is that heavier and saggier version of me?!? Whose mom bod is this? The body I used to know is gone. The reliable tricks I once used to bounce back into shape no longer work.  My go-to jeans are collecting dust in the back of my closet … surely I’ll be wearing them again any day now.

Does any of this sound familiar? Or is it just me? Please don’t let it be just me!!

While discussing this mom bod topic over dinner one night with some fellow moms, Stacey, the owner of North Phoenix Moms Blog mentioned the trainer she’s been working with. This trainer happens to have a degree in dietetics and just earned a master’s in obesity prevention and management (let’s just say she’s uber educated and qualified), and I demanded her number right away.

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The first time I met with Liz from CORE by Liz she asked detailed questions about my diet, my current activities and what I was looking to get out of working with her. She then took my measurements, weight, etc. and proceeded to run me through a series of exercises that had me dripping with sweat for an hour.  By the time my first session was done, I was hooked. But as a stay at home mom of three kids 4 and under, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to swing this.

Turns out, I was wrong. Here’s why I love Liz:

  • Liz can come to YOU!

That’s right. I put my twins down for a nap and in walks Liz. She kicks my butt, literally outside of my kids’ bedroom door, and after an hour she’s gone and my boys are none the wiser.  You can go to her too, if that works best for you. 


I swear. This was my number one concern when tossing the idea of a trainer around, but her pricing is totally affordable and only gets better with a friend. Have a mom friend (or two!) come over and workout with you, and your price is slashed in half.

  • She’s the real deal.

She just spent seven years studying the intricacies of dietetics and how the body works. Her methods are evidence-based; these aren’t moves she picked up from the body builder at the gym.

  • You can’t run and hide.

Liz monitors your monthly progress and keeps you accountable for the goals. If you’re not slimming down or gaining muscle, she’ll make changes to make it happen.

While I’m only a month in and still far from my goal, I’m starting to see glimpses of the old me in the reflection, and am slowly kissing my mom bod goodbye.

Mom Bod Gone with CORE by Liz Dream Photography Studio North Phoenix Moms Blog

Liz understands that not everyone has time to workout with a personal trainer and has put together an amazing workout guide so you can workout anytime on your own! 

Receive 20% off either or both of Liz’s amazing guides (she has an awesome cookbook too!) when using discount code “NPHXMOMS.”  

North Phoenix Moms Blog readers can also receive 25% off of the first 5 sessions with CORE by Liz just by mentioning North Phoenix Moms Blog!

For one-on-one training that means $244 instead of $325 (price could be higher based on traveling). For buddy training, it would be 25% off of the buddy deal, so instead of $175 per person for the first 5 sessions, it would be $131 per person.

Have I piqued your interest? Good!  Because mamas can’t leave each other hanging. Hope you use and enjoy this deal from CORE by Liz!

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