How I Met My Husband



Happy Valentines Day! In honor of the holiday (be it Hallmark or not) I am going to share the story of how I met my husband.

Part 1: The Original Meet:

Dallas and I originally met when we were 15/16 years old.  He went to Deer Valley H.S. and I went to Sunrise Mountain H.S. but the summer before our junior year we became friends.

If you remember back to 1999 you may remember that AOL instant messenger was the cool thing to do,especially among the high school crowd. One my my girl friends and one of his guy friends met in a chat room and they decided to meet up. Being that there is safety in numbers, one day when we were all hanging out at a friends community pool we invited them to meet up with us.

That summer the two groups of friends hung out A LOT. There were parties and mall hang outs and tons and tons of AOL chatting. It was a blast. However, when school started back up we all got busy and drifted apart. We tried to stay in touch but between work and school and football and other school activities we all lost touch.
Part 2: The Re-Meet:

Fast forward 8 years later and through the wonder that is Myspace I had located a few of what my friends and I called “The Deer Valley Boys.” Dallas accepted my friend request and we did the quick check in and “how have you been’s?” and that was it… until a few months later. My friend Kari and I were having a bar golf birthday party for our 24th birthday and I decided to post our digital invite to Dallas’ MySpace page. He accepted the invite and we started talking back and forth. I decided to ask him to be my golf partner since I knew he wouldn’t know many people and I didn’t have one yet.

Unknown to me, Dallas almost cancelled. Everyone he asked to come with him bailed on him and he didn’t really want to go out to Old Town Scottsdale (he was living over an hour away from there) by himself because and I quote, we could all be “a bunch of weirdos now.” Since he had already promised me he’d be my partner and he couldn’t leave the birthday girl hanging he decided to do something out of his comfort zone and came to the party.

That night we had an amazing time together and there was a spark that neither of us could deny. We soon met up a couple nights later for dinner and not too long after that we became inseparable.

Thanks for reading about my fairy tale. Click HERE If you liked to read more about our love story. And if you’re reading, Happy Valentine’s Dallas I Love You and am happy that you’re my forever Valentine.

xo, Jen



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