How to Keep the Holiday Cheer Going Through the New Year


The tree has been put out on the curb, the lights have been taken down, and the kids are still recovering from the cookie sugar rush, but are not yet back in school. It’s the end of the holiday season, and I usually start feeling the holiday blues REALLY strongly at this time. Luckily, I also love the fresh start of the New Year and thrive on making goals and resolutions.

Holiday Cheer

So here’s some tips to keep the cheer going past the new year:

  1. Decorate your house for the new year. I always feel like my house looks so bare without our Christmas decorations, so this year I am going to fill up my house with some easy indoor house plants. Bonus: it’s healthy to have live plants in your house!
  2. Start talking as a family about your new year goals! Host a fun family afternoon where everyone pitches in to create your family’s vision board for 2018. Where do you want to travel? What school or academic goals do your children have? What personal fitness goals do you have? Here’s a step by step if you’ve never done it before, but let everyone’s goal have a valid place on the board…even if you don’t agree with them 😉 It can also be a good learning opportunity to talk with your children about the difference between wanting a “thing” and achieving a goal (AKA “I want an iPad next year!” versus “I want to start a dog walking business so I can buy an iPad for myself.”).
  3. Take advantage of the kiddos still being out of school by going on a staycation or local trip somewhere in Arizona! Here’s a handy list of family friendly road trips in Arizona.
  4. Dedicate day to relax in pajamas at home. With the hustle of the holidays behind us, take a day to spend at home with no agenda or to do list (NO cleaning!). Turn off the TV, put your phone on airplane mode, play with your kiddos, read that new book, and just have a day with no obligations!

What do you like to do to beat the post holiday blues? Comment below with more ideas!


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