Hiring a Nanny and Getting it Right the First Time


Have you thought about hiring a nanny but aren’t quite sure where to start? Hesitant to pay a hefty agency placement fee but find yourself avoiding Care.com too? Have you hired a nanny before and it just didn’t work out as you were hoping? 

Hiring a nanny who is a perfect fit for your family IS possible and when you find that person, you’ll know! Sure, any relationship takes time to establish, but there is a way to hire a nanny where you check all the boxes in terms of preparation, interviews, reference checking, and looking ahead while avoiding the price tag of a traditional nanny agency or feeling lost on your own.

Peas in a Pod is a nanny agency that provides a series of comprehensive self-guided, digital downloadable, tools in order to help you find, hire, and keep the perfect nanny for your family. The company has an early childhood rooted focus, with lots of experience helping families find their ideal nanny. They’re committed to teaching families how to hire their ideal nanny while not breaking the bank, by any means! Childcare is expense enough!

Peas in a Pod offers insight into the forethought that goes into evaluating whether a nanny is right for your family, compares daycare versus a nanny, provides all of your hiring tools (interview questions, reference checking forms, offer worksheets and so much more), and specifics on how to set up routine communication, daily logs, and review periods once you’ve hired your nanny. 

If you’re someone who wants to hire your own nanny and would benefit from some professional information from experts in the industry, Peas in a Pod’s resources are ideal for you.

hiring a nanny

On average, finding a nanny takes 2-6 weeks, so this is the perfect time to dive in if you’re considering lining someone up for back-to-school. Or, if you’re on maternity leave, start your information building now and then you can really begin the hiring process midway through your leave with plenty of time to get comfortable with your new nanny before returning to work.

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  1. Thanks for the estimate that it would take about a month to find a nanny for my child. I’m thinking about getting one soon because I recently got sick due to fatigue when juggling my responsibilities at home and at work. With a nanny, I will be able to focus on my work uninterrupted during the day and still be able to be a mom for my kids after my shift.


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