Healthy Reset {Spring Break Leave You Feeling Guilty for Overindulging?}


Maybe you are like most of us that make New Year’s resolutions or goals and then by the time March hits, maybe even sooner, they have been forgotten. I know I super indulged over spring break with our eating out and having special treats, so now I feel like I need a healthy reset.  

Recently, I was thinking of doing a 21 day cleanse, but 21 days seemed TOO HARD!!  I like my weekend indulgences, so I’m assuming you are similar.  Momming is hard and the weekends call for a little indulgence.  For me, that means a glass of wine or a Friday margarita. 

I like to think of clean eating as eating real foods.  So meats, veggies & fruits without all the added ingredients that boxed or packaged products include.  Some people avoid grains or dairy because of food allergies. I just avoid certain things to keep the bloat away.  If I were to characterize the way I eat it’s low carb, but not fully paleo (I like my fair amount of cheese) and I’m not keto because I like my fruit.  

Here’s my clean eating jump-start plan to get rid of the Spring Break Bloat: 

  • Make the jump-start quick. Start with 5 days, Monday – Friday is probably the easiest. 
  • Eliminate dairy, grains, legumes and alcohol. You can do this, it’s only 5 days!! 
  • Drink ton of water!! Add lemon or lemon oil to your water to help detox your body. 
  • Eat tons of veggies (as many as you can eat). Cucumbers are cleansing, but seriously, whatever vegetables you’ll eat, buy them and have them ready to eat as soon as any hunger hits. 
  • Eat fruit, most fruit is made up of a good deal of water, so again it’s helpful to wash out all the yuck. 
  • Eat tons of nuts. I’d avoid cashews because they are carb-heavy. 
  • Eggs are your BEST FRIEND!! They keep you full. You can keep them hard boiled in the refrigerator or serve them up scrambled as dinner!! Seriously, we eat eggs at least once a week for dinner at our house. 
  • Meats are fine; protein will help keep you full. Opt for chicken and seafood if possible. 
  • If you have a vegan protein powder, you can use that for protein too!! 

Once the cleanse is over, here are some tips for indulging to make it less harmful to your body: 

  • Order sandwiches or burgers without the bread or bun.  The bread sticks to us literally, on the inside and then of course that makes us feel bloated. 
  • Avoid added sugars in soda, crackers, cookies, cupcakes. Tell yourself that it has no nutrition and isn’t helping your body.  
  • Anything processed  (boxed cereal, crackers, cookies, even breads) for the most part is full of fillers that are inflammatory to our bodies.
  • Don’t worry too much about fat content. The fats keep you full, so instead, think about the carbohydrates that really don’t fill you up and are calorie-dense. 

Remember, the goal is to avoid all the extras that are put into boxed and packaged foods.  Think about shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store, so you can get your meat, veggies and fruits.  Never go hungry, just feed yourself delicious REAL foods.

Here are a couple recipes that could help: 

These breakfast bars are full of nuts, grain-free and dairy-free. Or try these egg cups. They’re an easy grab-and-go breakfast or even a snack throughout the day. 

My disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist, just a type 1 diabetic. I’m hyper-aware of the amount of carbs in foods because every carb I eat requires a shot of insulin. My doctor claims that insulin is normal and I can eat as many carbs as I’d like, but I don’t feel well when I do, so I choose to eat lower carb. I have a few friends that have taken my advice and lost 10-15 pounds.  


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