Happy Hostess: Wreck It Ralph Party Feature


Hi friends, Jen here with another Happy Hostess Party Feature! Today, I’m going to feature a Wreck It Ralph themed birthday party that I did for my oldest son, Dallas, last year.

wreck it ralph feature

My boys have gone through a lot of movie phases! I think they’ve been hooked on all of the Pixar movies at one time or another and then there are the other current movies that come out that they latch onto. Anything Disney is huge with them! Last year Wreck It Ralph came out on DVD around the same time as Dallas’ 3rd birthday so I decided it’d be fun to do a viewing party birthday party.

I wanted to capture each of the different games in the movie.  Sugar Rush, Hero’s Duty, and of course, Wreck It Ralph.

The natural fit for Sugar Rush was a dessert table.My original plan was to have this set up out side and I made a bunch of  candy to hang on the fence and lollipops to put around the yard. The wind, on the other hand, had other ideas so the desserts had to be moved inside.


I represented the game Hero’s Duty with a game for the kids to play. Upon arrival I gave each kid a small container and told them they had to fill it to win a prize. For any older kids who wanted to play I told them they had to fill it up with out using their hands! And the prize you ask? “The shiniest medal this place has ever seen.”


The Wreck It Ralph theme was throughout from a photo booth, to the boys being dressed up as Felix and Ralph, and the feature film, err scratch that, we had technical difficulties but it was still a great night and such a fun party!


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