Happy Hostess: Playdate Cards – Free Printable


Playdate cards.

Annoyingly cute or useful? I can’t decide, but I kept it simple, no animals – no pics of my kids – or “I’m Ellie’s Mom!” sentiments here.

Really it was a utilitarian decision to produce these cards.

Now, I won’t be frazzled as I clutch a bouncing three-year old  to my right while carrying a one year old on my hip and magically produce a phone to exchange numbers with another parent. Without this card, I also run the risk  that all possibility of scheduling anything with this hypothetical parent would now be shot since there is a high likelihood of improper choice words escaping my mouth and potential for clutch to turn into death grip of three year bouncing child.

So, here is my gift to you. A very practical playdate card! Get the full printable PDF HERE!


Happy Hosting!

xo. nichole.


  1. So cute!! And love that it can be customized. Maybe you put just one child’s name down, maybe you lost them all. Depends on the situation right?!


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