Happy Hostess: National Lemonade Day


Happy National Lemonade Day!

I absolutely, hands down love lemonade – strawberry, sparkling, honey, mint, a dash of tea – love it all.

Well, except maybe the lemonade diet concoction, anyone? Otherwise known as the “master cleanse.”

Whoops, bit of a tangent there.

Well – one of my most favorite people in the whole world recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday – and although she has phenomenal style and quite the critical eye for beautiful things she isn’t the most crafty of people. She sent me a picture of a wonderful assortment of decorations in pink, grey and white that she purchased and asked “now what?”

Among the decor in the photo she sent was a palette of mason jars. My first suggestion – drill a whole in those bad boys – stick in your super cute paper straws, add a little lemonade and voila – fabulous…

& guess what guys? It was! She out did herself while maintaining her modern style.

Here’s a little sneak at Elle’s birthday bash, that all began with lemonade!

NLDay Pic HH

NLD Elle Birthday HH

happy hosting.




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