Happy Hostess: DIY Napkins


This year our Thanksgiving table will be sporting these updated linen napkins!

HH DIY Napkin

Materials needed:

Linen Napkins

Multi-use or Fabric Paint

Pencil or Wooden Dowel Foambrush (I wanted jumbo dots – so I used a large foambrush

In three easy steps, here is how:

HH Napkin Tut.

Step 1: Unfold napkin and place on hard surface

Step 2: Get pencil or foambrush and paint. Dip the eraser side of the pencil or the tip of the dowel rod in the paint.

Step 3: Make a dot on your linen napkin. I like to work down a column first, then left to right.

Step 4: Style!

What are you doing this year to update your Thanksgiving table, we’d love to hear and see! Be sure to hashtag those instagram pictures with #nphxmoms & you might just be featured on our feed!

happy hosting.





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