Happy Hostess: 1st Birthday Piggy Party Feature

For our first party feature of the year I wanted to share this too cute for words piggy themed birthday party from Jess Flecky.  She put this charming party together for her daughter’s 1st birthday. The theme is both original and adorable. 
You're invited!
Finding the perfect theme for my daughter’s first birthday was a challenge. I knew I wanted it to be special. It was her first birthday party after all! So after scouring through Pinterest, I decided to toss out the popular themes and went with something a little more personal. I chose a “piggy party” theme because we nicknamed our daughter Amelia “piggy.” I know, I know…who nicknames their daughter “piggy?” She will surely get upset with me one day, but this name sort of just stuck!

Amelia Bday Details Storyboard 004

Planning a Piggy Party was a bit of a challenge because most of the examples I found online were “Olivia,” “Peppa Pig,” or “Farm Animals.” I was thinking more of a “pink glam pig.” Sort of like Miss Piggy in a way. I wanted the color scheme to be pinks and aquas.

Amelia Bday Details Storyboard 003

I found the book “If You Give a Pig a Party” on Amazon.com and had guests sign in. This is the cutest little keepsake that I can’t wait to give Amelia when she’s older. Most of the party decor and favors were purchased through Orientaltrading.com. I got crafty with the tissue paper poms and made those myself. Not too shabby! My friend (and North Phoenix Moms Blog co-founder) Rachel of Just Us Three Design created the invitations, door sign, pennant banner and food cards.

Amelia Bday Details Storyboard 002

I hope you enjoy the party details and hopefully found some inspiration for your next party or project!
Photo Credit: Flecky Fotography
Thank you to Jess of Flecky Fotography for sharing your party and amazing photos with us! Who knew pigs could be so glamorous?
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