Happy Birthday, Baby!


As my oldest child’s 18th birthday is fast approaching in just a few short days, I thought it would be appropriate to share what birthdays look like around here. After all, we have been celebrating them for quite some time now.  18 years to be exact, and times that by four kids.  I counted…we have celebrated a combined 50 birthdays amongst our children, and come Sunday, it will be a whoppin’ 51!  We have some experience! 😉

I like to make birthdays special. Whether it’s having family over for dessert, taking the birthday child out for his/her favorite dinner, or having a full-blown birthday bash, there are plenty of ways to make him/her feel extra special.

Of course age is a factor when planning a child’s birthday celebration. My soon-to-be 18 year old is over a jumping castle or a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. This Sunday for example, we will take her out for dinner for her very favorite meal…sushi. I have been on a quest this week to find “the best sushi in town.” (your suggestions are welcomed!) So depending on your child’s interests at the time, you can accommodate to suit their interests. Pinterest is chock-full of awesome birthday party themes and ideas. Even ways to celebrate a birthday on a tight budget! I like that!

What’s important is that he/she feels celebrated. Although it’s crucial to always make our babies feel loved, birthdays are just a time to do a little extra. Here are some things we do, and some additional ideas I have come across:

-We take out our “this is your day…CELEBRATE” plate. (pictured) The birthday boy/girl gets to eat on this special plate.
-Whether we’re out for dinner or at home, we go around the table spending some extra time sharing things we love and appreciate about him/her.
-A birthday journal. Record it. Write down what was shared by the family members. Write where you celebrated and who was there.
-Decorate their room while they’re at school.
-Write “Happy Birthday” messages throughout…on the bathroom mirror, in their lunchbox, inside their school binder, etc.

-Reminisce about them-share their birth or adoption story.  Take out the home videos!

-Write the birthday child a letter on each birthday sharing what they were like that year…what they accomplished, what they learned, friends or teachers they had.

-Documentation.  Take pictures!  I like to take a picture of my kids holding up their age with fingers, like the photo of my youngest daughter on her 5th birthday.  (obviously this stops at age 10, but don’t stop taking pictures! 😉 )

-Get balloons for how old they are.

Wishing each of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a year of celebrating our children’s birthdays.  I know I sure am excited to go pick up 18 of my daughter’s favorite colored balloons this Sunday!

Bye for now! 🙂




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