Halloween Baby Showers, Sprinkles, or Gender Reveals


Halloween Baby ShowerWhen I was planning our twins “Sprinkle Reveal Party” I knew it was going to be in October. I wasn’t due until December however I was being induced at 37 weeks, in November. I hadn’t even considered the idea of Halloween baby showers, but a friend of mine suggested it. Being that it is my favorite holiday, I was a little mad I didn’t think of the idea first.

I am a DIY budget friendly party planner so I really had fun planning this sprinkle. If you are thinking of planning a Halloween themed shower/sprinkle/gender reveal, check out these tips and make your party oh so spooky fun.

Color Scheme

When it comes to Halloween baby showers, the classic colors, orange and black, are always a hit. When I was deciding on mine, I went with purple, black, and orange. I have seen some cool mixes of colors with green, yellow, pink and blue. So have fun playing with your color schemes.



Since Halloween is literally right around the corner, start shopping now to find some great holiday decorations. When I first started purchasing decorations I went to the major stores and spent a lot of money. Insert tip here: avoid the return trips by visiting different dollar stores around the city. To my pleasant surprise I found everything I paid double for initially. But, be prepared to drive around because not every dollar store has the same merchandise and you can find unique items at each. A must-have for a witch theme is a caldron. Little Boos need cobwebs. If you want to mix and match don’t forget the black flowers, skulls, brooms and bats. A Halloween tree added some flare and a great conversation piece. There is no limit to the ideas for your party.


Oh, the desserts can be so much fun. So many fun ideas on Pinterest. Cake pops, cookies, cupcakes. Want a candy bar check out different candy stores locally and online for a variety of colors and flavors. Mini caldrons are perfect for holding your treats. Spider cakes gives me chills. Fall under a spell when you drink the potion. Mummy wraps anyone? Bat wings, chicken, to keep it spooky. A pumpkin fruit platter or a skeleton veggie plate. Tasty treats that will have your guest hungry for more.

Party Favors

Can’t have a party without the favors. Skeleton wine goblets made for amazing goodie bags. Not a wine drinker? You can also find seasonal coffee cups and glassware. A unique way to give your guest a one-of-a-kind experience. Cozy Halloween socks are always a big hit. Halloween themed bath bombs, lotions, lip balms and more are some other items to add. You can give your guest their own baby making potion. I gave a personal bottle of wine but you can also do a nonalcoholic beverage. They can drink it now or save it for when you pop. A fun way for your friends and family to celebrate the arrival of your new baby.

Baby Shower Games

What are Halloween baby showers without games? Our sprinkle was also a gender reveal party for the guest. I am not sure if anyone else has done this. I am a planner and I couldn’t wait to find out the genders. I decided to make it a surprise for the guest. We played my made-up version of hang man. I created two game boards with a list of names. The person who guessed the gender, first name and middle name won. Surprisingly one guest guessed all 3, while the other guessed the name. Have fun with creating games and activities to match your theme. The classic games can also be remixed to fit the spooky theme.

Diaper Raffle

The final tip, and in my eyes the best part of the shower/sprinkle/reveal was the diaper raffle. Everyone loves a raffle so add this to your invite. This will encourage your friends and family to bring diapers for a chance to win. We literally had enough diapers for the first 6 months. I threw in a gift card and an extra gift bag for the winner.


I hope that if you are thinking of spooky fun Halloween baby showers/sprinkle/gender reveal this gives you some ideas to make your party unique. Oh, make it a costume party and you will be remembered for having the best shower/sprinkle/gender reveal EVER.


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